Keynote Session - New Map to Homebuilding: How New Builders are Remaking Themselves & Retaking the Market

Wednesday, January 23 | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: South 222-223

Format: Keynote Level of Content: Advanced

Appropriate for: Multifamily Builders & Developers, Remodelers, Commercial Builders, HBA Staff, Single Family - Production , Single Family - Small Volume Builders, Custom Builders, Designers, Architects, Engineers & Planners, Mortgage/Financial Services, Land Development, Manufacturers/Suppliers, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Systems Built Home Manufacturers & Builders , Subcontractors & Specialty Trade Contractors

Track(s): Business Operations

Moderator(s): Timothy P. Sullivan, Meyers LLC, a Kennedy Wilson Company, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Speaker(s): Robert Bowman, Charter Homes & Neighborhoods, Lancaster, PA | Eric Lipar, LGI Homes, SPRING, TX

What It’s About:

Everything has changed. The economy is in a slow but uneven recovery. Housing demand fundamentals are improving but supply is still restricted. The home-shopping consumer is attracted by low interest rates yet looking for specific features to prompt them to buy. And the competitive landscape is still volatile. This panel will discuss how successful private builders are responding to these changes, and how they are defining new ways to operate profitably.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand key steps "new" builders have taken to launch or re-launch their organizations.
  • Learn how organizations are translating market trends into actionable strategic plans.
  • Discover key metrics that these builders monitor and processes that they have embraced to gain a competitive edge.

How to Attend:

Attendees must have a full registration or a one- or two-day education registration for the day of the session. Seating for Keynote sessions will be on a first come, first served basis.