Feb 27 - 29, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV
Feb 27 - 29, 2024

IBS Product Email

The IBS Product Email is sent to IBS attendees four times before the Show. Last year, NAHB sent more than 84,000 IBS Product Emails (total from all four deployments). The delivery rate averaged 99%, the open rate averaged 45%, and the click rate averaged 7%. IBS Product Emails start being sent in December 2022.

Promotional Investment:  
Fixed first position $5,500
Fixed second position $5,250
Fixed third position $5,000
Fixed fourth position $4,750
Standard rotating position $4,500
Rotating position, emails #2, #3, and #4 $4,000
Rotating position, emails #3 and #4 $3,500
Rotating position, email #4 $3,000

Interested In A Sponsorship Opportunity? Contact Us!

Lynn Margiotta
VP, Sponsorship & Advertising Sales
Custom Packages for IBS and Production Builders Executive Club
Exhibiting Companies: #, A-F, and Key Accounts
P: (202) 266-8685
M: (202) 253-7143
[email protected]

Don Berey 
Senior Manager, Sponsorship Sales
Young Pro Party, The Building Zone, Remodeling Central, 55+ Central, Design Central
Exhibiting Companies:  G-O
P: (202) 266-8208
M: (617) 780-5730
[email protected]

Michael Sutton 
Manager, Business Development
Video Production Needs, Custom Building Central
Exhibiting Companies: P-Z
P: (202) 266-8690
M: (240) 426-3994
[email protected]

Robin Habberley
Director, Business Development
Sales Central, Multifamily Central, The Nationals Awards, Craft Building Zone
P: (202) 266-8051
M: (202) 615-3909
[email protected]

Brian Rosenthal
Manager, Marketing Operations
New Product Zone and Sponsorship Operations
P: (202) 266-8188
[email protected]
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