FEB 9-11, 2021

IBS Product Email

The IBS Product Email is sent to IBS attendees three times before the Show and one time post-Show. Last year, NAHB sent more than 144,000 IBS Product Emails (total from all four deployments). The delivery rate was 99% (+ 1% from previous year), the open rate averaged 36.5% (+ 2.5% from previous year). IBS Product Emails start being sent in December 2019.

Promotional Investment: $5,000 for fixed first position
$4,750 for fixed second position
$4,500 for fixed third position
$4,250 for fixed fourth position
$4,000 for a standard rotating position
$2,000 for a standard position in one email newsletter

Interested In A Sponsorship Opportunity? Contact Us!

Lynn Margiotta
AVP, Sponsorship Sales & Business Development
Exhibiting Companies: A-F
P: (202) 266-8685
[email protected]         
Andrew Flank
AVP, Partnerships, Innovation & Affinity Programs
Multifamily Central & Production Builders Executive Club
Exhibiting Companies: G-O
P: (202) 266-8059
[email protected]

Michael Sutton 
Manager, Business Development
Exhibiting Companies: P-Z
P: (202) 266-8690
[email protected]
Don Berey 
Manager, Sponsorship Sales
Young Pro Party & High Performance Building Zone 
P: (202) 266- 8208
[email protected]
Robin Habberley
Manager, Business Development
Custom Central, Digital
P: (202) 266-8051
[email protected]
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