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Matt Belcher

Matt Belcher

Verdatek Solutions PACIFIC, MO

Matt Belcher is an experienced builder and nationally-recognized consultant and Author on the business of green building. He has been actively involved in the St. Louis area residential construction industry for three decades, including six years as a top building codes official. He founded Belcher Homes in 1993, specializing in building Sustainable “green” homes and light commercial construction using low-impact, ecological development. Mr. Belcher has also lent his expertise to lobby for green building legislation, advising on managing legal risks associated with green building as a member of Construction Dispute Resolution Services National Panel of Green Construction Specialists. He also assists other HBA’s and Trade Associations in developing green building programs, green educational programs and promoting building practices shown to create homes, buildings and developments that are safer, cleaner, more energy-efficient, healthier and better for the environment. Mr. Belcher serves on the National Association of Homebuilders Board of Directors and NAHB’s Green Building and Energy sub-committees and NAHB’s Building Codes and Standards sub-committee. He also serves on the Board of Directors of The Green Building Initiative. Mr. Belcher was the 2007 President of the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri. He has served on its Building Codes committee for sixteen years including seven as Chairman. He chaired both the 2006 NAHB National Green Building Conference in Albuquerque NM and the 2007 Conference held in St. Louis. He was instrumental in helping to organize the St. Louis HBA’s green building effort and has served as its chair for the past four years. Mr. Belcher is a Technical Partner with the University of Missouri’s Institute for Sustainable Energy. He is also a member of the St. Louis Chapter of the US Green Building Council. Mr. Belcher was recently invited to testify to the U.S. House Energy and Air Quality Subcommittee on Climate Benefits of Improved Building Energy Efficiency.

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