FEB 9-11, 2021

Peter Dennehy

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Peter Dennehy

Newland San Diego, California

A college internship with the City of Pasadena introduced Peter to the development industry and led to 30 years of working with the nation's pre-eminent market research companies specializing in the real estate industry. He has extensive experience analyzing real estate developments for developers, financial institutions and public agencies throughout the United States and has directed consulting engagements for hundreds of clients, covering a wide array of product types and real estate asset classes, with a particular focus on rental and for-sale residential projects, mixed-use urban infill developments, master planned communities and portfolio analysis. Peter now heads up customer and market research for the largest private developer of planned residential and urban mixed-use communities in the United States. Based in San Diego, Newland is currently developing master-planned communities across the country in 14 states. Peter's focus is the latest research on the ever-changing intersection of economic and demographic trends, residential product & design innovation and consumer segmentation and preferences so that Newland can continue to create great communities that matter to the people who will live there. Prior to joining Newland, Peter worked for a number of leading national real estate research companies, including Meyers Research, John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Sullivan Group and RCLCO.

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