International Builders' Show
February 9-11, 2021
Orlando, FL
FEB 9-11, 2021

Clint Henderson

HomeBuilder Proximity
Dallas, Texas

An innovator in Home Builder marketing and advertising, Clint Henderson and his partner, Leslie Ann Crozier launched the Hot On! Homes television show in 1999, the most popular new home builder and developer lifestyle television program in the US. At a time when home builder advertising was dominated by direct mail, directional signs, newspaper advertising and billboards, Crozier & Henderson Productions’ vision was to deliver new home information to local, targeted viewers via television and internet video on demand. Long before anyone knew what shopper intent was, the Hot On! Homes website was attracting and converting shoppers with builder video, discounts and incentives, and delivering them to home builders and developers. After successfully helping builders reach shoppers, the next step was to develop a groundbreaking product to allow builders to start targeting late-term buyers. Understanding that buyers will let you know how serious they are by their actions and physical location, Mr. Henderson launched HomeBuilder Proximity, LLC. By asking a builder the simple question, “Where are your buyers?”, geo-fencing those locations, and then delivering campaign ads to those buyer’s phones, he was able to offer builders the unique opportunity to place their ads directly into the hands of people just days before they were going to make a buying decision. Like Hot On! Homes, HomeBuilder proximity was the first geo-targeting product developed specifically for home builders and developers and, though the program was only offered to builders 18 months ago, has already delivered hundreds of millions of ads to millions of home shoppers. Check you phone the next time you walk into a model home, Homebuilder Proximity might be targeting you!

Sessions where you can hear Clint Henderson during IBS:

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