International Builders' Show
February 9-11, 2021
Orlando, FL
FEB 9-11, 2021

Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger

Risinger Homes
Austin, TX

I've been a builder for almost 20 years and have been blogging about my passions of Building Science & Fine Craftsmanship since 2008.I started learning about construction by working summers at an inner-city ministry that fixed up row houses for elderly people who owned their homes but couldn't afford to maintain them. I got a BS in Industrial Management from Grove City College. I ended up working for one of the National Production Builders (NVR Ryan Homes) after college. My 7 years with that mega builder was really fun, but it didn't satisfy my desire for "Craftsmanship" as I was building insanely fast houses. We moved to Portland, OR where I renovated a Sears & Roebuck 1927 Craftsman house and landed a Production Manager job with a regional semi-custom builder. It was the mold crisis of 2002 that lead me down the path to Building Science. I got to take apart many homes in Portland that had mold issues and that time was invaluable. I moved to Austin, TX in 2005 and started my own company building exclusively for Architects. My small company has grown to 13 people and I've become nationally known for my expertise in Building Science for our Hot/Humid climate. I've written several articles for Fine Homebuilding & The Journal of Light Construction, and my blog is now seen on those websites as well as Custom Home Magazine. I also have a large (>10k) following on my YouTube channel and I try to post a new video per week.

Sessions where you can hear Matt Risinger during IBS:

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