International Builders' Show
January 21 - 23, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
JAN 21-23, 2020

Making The Labor Shortage Someone Else's Problem

Wednesday, February 20 | 1:30 - 2:00 PM

Event Type: Presentation

Location: LVCC - NAHB Production Builder Executive Club - North 262


Mark Hodges, Blueprint Strategic Consulting, Haddonfield, NJ
Mark Hodges Headshot

What It's About:

The skilled labor shortage is affecting home builders across the country. Construction cycle times are growing and quality is declining. For some builders, this is much less a problem than it is for others. How are these builders able to avoid this problem, attract skilled craftsmen, build their homes with high quality and complete them on time? Learn the factors that get trade partners to send their "A" crews to your communities on Monday morning, instead of their "C" crews on Thursday afternoon.

How to Participate:

Access is limited to director-level positions and above from the Nation's top 250 home building companies, as defined in the 2018 Housing Giants or Builder 200 list.

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