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January 21 - 23, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
JAN 21-23, 2020

Air Sealing Strategies That Save Energy, Increase Comfort & Protect Health [DEMO]

Tuesday, February 19 | 12:00 - 12:30 PM

Event Type: Live Demo

Location: LVCC - High Performance Building Zone - N135, N145

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Matt Whitbeck  | Kevin Ireton  | Gord Cooke

What It's About:

A demo at the 2017 HPBZ

The latest codes require air-tightness testing for good reason: air sealing, with proper ventilation, is the key to lower energy bills and better indoor air quality. But is it better to air seal from the inside or the outside? Should your air barrier be the house wrap, the sheathing or the drywall? And most important, whose job is it to do the air sealing? In this demonstration, we’ll answer all of these questions and more.

What You’ll See and Learn:

Attendees examine the frame built at the 2017 HPBZ

  • How to seal at the mudsill
  • How to air seal structural sheathing with sealants, gaskets and tape and how to do so from inside the house
  • Which caulks and foams are best and where to use them
  • Components for sealing mechanical penetrations

Learn more about the HPBZ Demo Stage & Building Performance Lab.

How to Participate:

Attendees watch a demo at the 2017 HPBZDemos and activities in the High Performance Building Zone are free to attend and no pre-registration is required. To participate, please visit the HPBZ at the date, time and location indicated above. Seating will be available.

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