JAN 31-FEB 2, 2023

The Key Tax Topics You Need to Know

Wednesday, February 9 | 1:30 - 2:30 PM EST


EVENT TYPE: Niche Program

LOCATION: OCCC - NAHB 20 Clubs Lounge - W309

What It's About

For pass-through entities, which most builders and remodelers are, the 199A tax deduction has proven difficult to understand. We will walk you through the components of the 199A deduction and how its calculated. Business interest expense is now limited to what can be deducted, unless you qualify for a small business exemption. If you don’t qualify, how can this impact the deductible interest on your company’s tax return? Legislation has eliminated tax deductions for unreimbursed expenses incurred by your employees. You can mitigate the loss of this deduction by developing a accountability plan. Join us and gain an understanding of these important tax topics.


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