FEB 8-10, 2022

Simplifying Quality & Code Compliance through Offsite Construction

Thursday, February 10 | 8:45 - 9:15 AM EST

PRESENTERS:  Matt Belcher

EVENT TYPE: Niche Program

LOCATION: OCCC - NAHB Building Systems Councils Lounge - W310

What It's About

As advances are being made in building and energy codes, in addition to the popularity of green or “stretch codes”, incorporating cost effective building systems will not only maintain code compliance but also mitigate obsolescence in your projects. Discover how systems-built construction (modular, panelized, log and timber frame) can keep your projects ahead of code cycles. We will also discuss how the International Code Council and other organizations are working with the offsite construction industry to enhance inspections and expedite site work. Walk away from this learning opportunity with an understand of how future code developments are already being addressed by today’s building systems.

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