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Phantom Screens

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Best of IBS Finalist
Best of IBS Finalist

Phantom Screens is North America’s leading manufacturer of retractable screens for residential and commercial sectors. Since its beginning in 1992, the Phantom brand has been synonymous with quality, innovative product development, and superior customer service. A proud member of National Council of the Housing Industry and National Association of Home Builders, Phantom Screens has built a network of Authorized Distributors throughout North America, rapidly expanding also  in the UK, Australia, Mexico, and other international locations.  


Phantom’s retractable screens for doorswindows, and large openings such as covered patios, porches, multi-panel and lift and slide doorways offer protection from insects plus solar shading without blocking the views. When a completely unobstructed view is desired, the screens retract into their housings at the touch of a button or a manual slide bar. Designed to address both home aesthetics and function, Phantom’s wide variety of mesh and color options ensure a perfect match with any architectural style and design.

Fitting single openings as large as 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall, Phantom`s motorized screens are a great solution for screening patios, lanais, porches and other large openings. They can also be recessed in cavities above an archway or large opening so they are virtually out of sight when retracted. This is a perfect product for outdoor living category as it helps homeowners make the most of their existing home and create an outdoor room that is functional and usable throughout the day and night from early spring to late fall.

The screens` integration with various home automation systems plus wind and sun sensors allows homeowners to create a screen solution that supports environmental and sustainable building practices and delivers energy savings by reducing solar heat gain and decreasing the use of air conditioning.

Phantom`s screens are also used to block out solar glare and excessive heat - they absorb and dissipate the sun’s heat and glare before it even reaches the glazing. When installed on the exterior of the building, the screens help control the interior temperature plus the amount of natural daylight desired for the living space. Certain mesh types also provide added privacy.

Find out more about Phantom Screens by visiting their booth C2461 at The International Builders` Show or their website at And make sure to check out Phantom's motorized retractable screens also at The New American Home and New American Remodeled Home 2017. 

Experience Phantom Screens. Learn about North America's leading provider of retractable screens, their new product offerings, where to see their products at NAHB-IBS 2019 and more.

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Product Categories

  • Balconies & Patios
  • Decks, Balconies and Patios
  • Doors (Folding)
  • Doors (Sliding Patio and/or Storm)
  • Doors (Swing Patio or French)
  • Screens (Door and/or Decorator)
  • Solariums and Sunrooms
  • Windows and Window Frames (Wood, Metal, Fiberglass and/or Vinyl)
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