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EnSync Energy Systems

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EnSync Energy Systems provides innovative home energy systems, services and businesses that enable energy independence.  We are in both the residential and commercial markets, with an emphasis on our smart home energy system able to "fuel" the desire for self generation.  EnSync Smart Home Energy systems provide significant opportunities in the development of higher density and multi-family residential properties by offering greater energy independence for reasons of cost benefit, resiliency, flexibility and lower environmental footprint. EnSync Energy has a track record of providing high-end microgrid and energy independence products and services in the C&I market, and is building that track record now in the residential market through its EnSync Smart Home Energy systems.

EnSync Smart Home integrates management of solar-plus-energy storage with demand from residential appliances, as well as utility grid. System optimizes energy for price, reliability, and independence.
EnSync Smart Home system integrates management of on-site solar+storage with management of demand from residential appliances, including electric water heaters, HVAC, lighting and EV charging stations

EnSync Energy Systems (NYSE: ESNC) is creating the future of electricity with innovative residential and commercial distributed energy resource (DER) systems and Internet of Energy (IOE) control platforms. We are exhibiting at IBS to feature EnSync Smart Home Energy product which includes solar PV, energy storage and EnSync Smart Home's communications, command and control platform across a campus of buildings. Each residency is interconnected to the DC-Link™ which networks each home with all participating residences on the property. The Smart Home Energy system integrates energy supply from PV power generation and energy storage to maximize energy independence of each home and throughout the overall networked community. We are also integrating major home appliances, like smart water heaters and HVAC, into that micro-loading capability. Homes networked on the DC-Link can trade energy with one another. This ultimately helps manage the impact of vacancy rates, time of day absences and unit level micro-loading effects in multifamily communities. Furthermore, this facilitates energy efficiency across the network as a whole. For building owners who pay utilities on behalf of tenants and charge tenants a flat rate, the EnSync Smart Home Energy system offers a direct incentive to realize potential savings.

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