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Aareas is a PropTech company that focuses on creating epic home-buying experiences. Our platform allows people to shop, purchase, and make selections using photorealistic virtual homes, communities, and virtual design centers, online or in person.

We understand the importance of engaging with potential home buyers both in person and online. As buyers shift to digital, they expect speed, better service and 1:1 interaction with brands. That is why we strive to make the home purchase journey as easy and convenient as possible. We incorporate a number of solutions throughout the whole home-selling process.

We provide service for photo-realistic renderings, virtual reality tours, and virtual model homes for the marketing phase.

Our Virtual Scale Model is an excellent tool for the sales phase of buildings or low rise-homes, both online and at sales office. Users can explore the building toggling between day and night, locate any unit, and view floor plans, renderings and virtual tours. For low-rise homes, users can explore the complete community in 3D and view it from any angle. The 3D site is populated with built-in full architectural controls and siting rules, and the rules will automatically calculate what house can go on what site in real time. When integrated with the Sales app or Online Purchase Wizard, the application maintains unit availability and pricing information in real-time, providing greater transparency to potential purchasers. The Virtual Scale Model can be embedded on your website or on a sales center kiosk. When the application is connected with DocuSign and online payments, buyers have the option to complete the whole home-buying process directly online.

Our Virtual Design Center delivers the ultimate design selection experience for the post-purchase period. Buyers can play the designer themselves, personalizing and visualizing their future home finishes in a virtual yet realistic 3D environment. Seeing how everything fits together with total upgrade price and monthly mortgage impact calculated all in real time, buyers can easily justify the value and get their dream design within budget.

For product manufacturers, we also provide photorealistic product renderings service which has replaced many manufactures’ need for expensive product photography. With the help of our product visualizers and configurators, customers can explore the fine details of products in a scene (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) and customize their selections before making a purchase.

30 years ago, we pioneered renderings and walkthroughs. Today, we build epic experiences, making the home-buying process simple and stress-free for people of all ages.

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    Since 1991 - we work with builders, designers, sales and marketing agencies to build epic digital home buying experiences.

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