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Create your client's ideal living space without noise or moisture issues. KEENE BUILDING PRODUCTS manufactures noise control and building envelope products with the customer in mind. KEENE has continually innovated new construction tools to improve product performance for residential, multi-family apartments & condominiums. Keene Building Products is the premier innovator and manufacturer of three-dimensional products for the building envelope, noise control, and roofing markets. For more information visit: keenebuilding.com

  • Building Envelope Brochure

    We can help mitigate moisture intrusions by providing Building Envelope Solutions for drainage & ventilation under the Driwall™ brand. The Driwall™ products are designed to eliminate moisture and moisture vapor while increasing ventilation. Driwall™ products can be used on several different types of commercial exterior applications, such as stucco, EIFS or brick. Visit keenebuilding.com for more information. 

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  • Noise Control Booklet

    The most sought-after amenity for today’s tenants is a quiet living space. KEENE is the industry-leading innovator in apartment living acoustics, providing Noise Control Solutions under the QUIET QURL® brand. For more information visit: keenebuilding.com


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  • Viper Ridge Vent

    Proper ventilation of unconditioned spaces in a structure is essential to a healthy home. Keene roof and attic ventilation products will help create air movement and drainage needed to help a structure meet your expectations. For more information visit: keenebuilding.com 


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Keene Building Products

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Driwall Rainscreen, Quiet Qurl

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