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TaskTag provides a revolutionarily simple yet powerful platform for construction management that allows the user to manage the job in a collaborative manner.

The TaskTag Messenger is the hub of TaskTag and provides for organized communication which is easy to retrieve at a later time. In order to organize the vast amounts of communication, conversations are organized by project and task. Together, the messenger and scheduling module allow the users to track and manage multiple projects seamlessly.

Through the messenger, users can share files which are stored in TaskTag’s cloud file management platform. TaskTag uses a structured folder description and tagging system to allow the project team to collectively organize the files systematically.

In addition to the vast amounts of communication that a project generates, we now also generate tremendous numbers of photographs, which if not organized, are also impossible to find and retrieve at a later time. TaskTag automatically organizes all of the photographs, allowing the user to effortlessly find photos.

TaskTag is fundamentally a tool for the user to be more productive and be more organized without the need for a large staff or complicated software.

With TaskTag you can:

• Create custom schedule templates to track projects
• Upload files to structured cloud storage and tag files for easy retrieval
• Take photos and videos which are linked by category, task and project for easy retrieval
• Chat with TaskTag Messenger and organize the communication by category, project and task
• Best of all, TaskTag is free

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