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Dryer Vent Made Easy by Gardus, a HY-C Company, focuses on "Home Solutions Built Better".  Dryer Vent Made Easy eliminates the fire-prone crushed flexible venting and provides a tool-less connection between the dryer and the outlet.  Made in the USA, Dryer Vent Made Easy was developed and patented by a Michigan Custom Home Builder as means to eliminate a point of significant customer dissatisfaction.  Help your customer eliminate wasted space behind the dryer, flush up the washer/dryer, and enjoy years of easy access vent cleaning.  

Be sure to check out our wide variety of products, designed to keep the pests OUT!  

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  • Building Services/Maintenance
  • Pest Control
  • Ridge, Roof, and Soffit Ventilation
  • Wood and/or Coal Heating Equipment
  • Wood Burning Stoves
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