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SIMLAB is a technology company that develops software apps for home and building owners, to be used by operators and occupants of houses, offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, and multifamily residential buildings.

SIMLAB apps turn personal living spaces and working environments into multimedia digital command centers, accessible by computer, tablet, and smartphone. We empower users with interactive and intelligent digital twins of their structures, equipment and assets leveraging a combination of 3D models of the property, realtime data from sensors, and userdefined asset information.

SIMLAB apps allow a way to track changes in a structure. Supervise any project, maintenance, and renovation progress as well as monitor facility aging. We provide easy and intuitive digital solutions for the full life cycle of the building.


The SIM-On app evolves your traditional 2D icons to an interactive real 3D model of your property. Navigate your rooms or just click to see where the sensors and IoT devices are located. Using a smart system has never been so natural!

Do not limit yourself to just one brand of IoT sensors. The SIM-On system will allow you to connect many devices thanks to its support for various popular sensor & smart device platforms like Samsung SmartThings, Fibaro, KNX, and others.


The STAGES app will allow you to align and compare separate 3D models of your property, add information, communicate project updates and information requests and more! If you want to monitor your investment, the construction process, and any potential changes at various stages of your project, this is a service dedicated for you.
Years from now you will be able to see where important systems, installations, and structural components are placed inside the wall. Just move the time slider in STAGES and you will be able to see the 2D information and 3D geometry of your property from first scan to last.

Free professional license until August 1, 2022

Get a single user professional license of our STAGES or SIM-ON applications to use for free until August 1, 2022 by registering at our Booth W5587 or use promo code IBS2022.


Products and Services the Company Wishes to Export:
SIM-ON - Digital Home Management, Automation, Maintenance, and Documentation platform.

STAGES - A digital progress timeline and communication platform for everyone.

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Regions of Interest
East Asia, Pacific Japan
Europe Finland
Poland, France, Spain
Western Hemisphere Brazil
International Business Interests
Direct Sales
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Product Categories

  • Building Automation
  • Building Services/Maintenance
  • Business-To-Business Internet Applications
  • Business-To-Consumer Internet Applications
  • Control Systems
  • Facilities Management
  • Home Automation
  • Home Control
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