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A Profil was established by a team that has a half century experience in production and engineering in steel industry. Carrying on with its activities with a brand new vision, A Profil works under a structure that considers both actual and potential demands of the market.

Aiming to minimize costs and maximize functionality of its products and going beyond customer expectations is the bottom line for A Profil. It handles the aesthetics of product designs in a manner that will cover all these aspects.

A Profil believes that customer satisfaction can be ensured not only by the right choice of material, but also determination of moulds and equipment, and the planning of the integration of all these. For A Profil, quality is a process that begins with design and ends with delivery of the product to the customer.

A Profil continues its production and sales activities with a consistent and determined understanding. While our corporation manages to do these with technology and skilled staff, it adopts a philoshophy of respectness to work, acts according to gained experiences, and defines itself as the solution partner of the customer.


Construction Profiles

Made of hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized in desired length and form with precise holes on demand. 

Thickness available between 0.50 mm to 8,00 mm.

Up to %50 more economical, compared to regular NPI and NPU profiles with similar resistance values,


* U Profiles Table

* C Profiles Table

* M Profiles Table

* Z Profiles Table



Light Gauge Steel Structure Profiles

Solar Construction Profiles

Rack Profiles

Container Chassis Profiles

Special Section Profiles   

Greehousing Profiles             

PVC Window / Door Reinforcement Profiles 

Livestock / Poultry Building Profiles



    In ail steel construction as, industrial buildings, residences, factory buildings, business centers and malls, at any stage of the construction, whenever needed, can be used in U.C.M.Z. forms, light steel columns with limitless cross sections, light steel trusses, roof connection profiles, side connection profiles, wall profiles, ceilings, and in many other areas depending on the project.

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    The most preferred products in solar power plants,

    A wide range of section for different static calculations,

    Easy assembly without welding.

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    Perforated Shell Profiles of desired dimensions for your designs, and special CC Travers Profiles with high carrying capacities for Shelf Industry.

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    Various profiles for container houses, offices and workshops.

    Production in line with the desired thickness and cross-section dimensions.

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    Special section profiles with holes (on demand)

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Product Categories

  • Building Systems
  • Construction Equipment
  • Metal Buildings
  • Modular Structures
  • Shelving Systems
  • Solar Energy Products
  • Steel Framing
  • Wall Systems
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