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Aida Corporation

About AIDA Aida Corporation is a US-based manufacturer of electrical wiring devices, light fixtures, plumbing supplies, hardware, and tools to the North and Central America market. We operate on our promises of superior quality, innovation, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. We have a strategic relationship with the oversea OEM manufacturers and through collaborative engineering and design effort, accelerating our growth and development as a manufacturer. Our products ride on the 30+ year experience of our strategic partners supplying US and global markets. We began operations with our headquarters in Jacksonville, FL, and our first distribution warehouse. We share the same product design and manufacturing knowledge and skills with other well-established brands in the US through OEM manufacturing. Aida’s products are manufactured with precision engineering and quality control that meet all relevant US and international standards. Aida focuses on providing our customers with the electrical, lighting, plumbing, hardware, and tool products they want and when they need them. Aida is committed to build our reputable brand with what we do best – manufacture quality products, support and protect our customers with their business relationships, supply our customers with an extensive inventory, and to provide them with friendly service and powerful solutions.

Image for High Rated USB Outlets We built-in unique CC/CV modules and smart chips to automatically recognize and optimize the current and voltage during charging. Overheating Protection. The Heat-sensing system.

Aida Corporation

Products and Services the Company Wishes to Export:
All electrical, plumbing, and hardware.

Company Official in Charge of International Sales and Marketing:
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Regions of Interest
Western Hemisphere Canada
International Business Interests
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Logo for Aida Corporation

Product Categories

  • Bathroom Equipment - Tubs, Lavatories, Tops, Bidets, Shower Stalls, Toilets
  • Wiring & Wiring Devices
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