FEB 9-11, 2021

IBS Centrals

Explore Niche-Specific Ideas Inside IBS Centrals

The IBS Centrals are where you can explore fun, new ideas, refine your skills and gain business information about your specific niche in the building industry.

Six main Centrals are open during the three days of the Builders’ Show, and each Central offers a specific area of focus within the building industry with its own schedule of events.

What You’ll Find Inside IBS Centrals

The programs held inside the Centrals are a bit more informal than traditional IBS Education sessions, but just as engaging. They feature some of the best professionals in the industry who are passionate about their area of expertise—so the discussions are always lively, and you will feel the energy of the topic motivate the room! 

A variety of activities are available inside the Centrals including workshops, networking events, roundtable discussions and guided product tours of the exhibit hall. Feel free to relax in the casual lounge atmosphere while catching up on emails or phone calls, or use the space to meet with one of our specialists to discuss trends, challenges and solutions. 

If you are seeking a higher level of engagement at IBS—while still being introduced to the latest trends and ideas—you’re sure to find it by hanging out with others in your niche at the IBS Centrals.

All IBS registrants are welcome! Access to the Centrals is included with your 3-Day Expo Pass.

55+ Housing Central
55+ Housing

Discover the current trends and what makes the Boomer market different.

Learn More
Custom Building Central
Custom Building

Get solutions for the unique challenges that come with building custom homes.

Learn More
Design Central
Design Central

Explore vital tools to create design that is sure to wow and inspire.

Learn More
Multifamily Central

Explore multifamily housing trends and gain insights while connecting with others in this unique housing sector.

Learn More
Remodeling Central

Gain valuable knowledge and insightful perspective, and hone your remodeling techniques.

Learn More
Sales Central

Develop new strategies and enhance your sales and marketing expertise.

Learn More


International Central is open to all international IBS attendees and exhibitors interested in doing business outside the U.S. Stop by for complimentary coffee and tea, engaging presentations on global trends or use the space as a central meeting place for your delegation.


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