IBS Centrals

A Universe of Expertise at IBS Centrals!

More than just lounges, the IBS Centrals are the place to get new ideas and information about your specific niche. Go “behind the curtain” and attend one of the many lively programs, demonstrations or workshops, or simply network with others while grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Attendees at Design StudioPrograms in IBS Centrals are more informal than traditional education sessions but just as engaging. They feature industry professionals who love and live their areas of expertise—so the discussions are always a bit more animated and entertaining as the passion for these topics ignites!

During the Builders’ Show, a variety of activities abound in the Centrals, such as workshops, networking events and guided product tours of the exhibit hall. Or come inside and sit down with specialists and discuss trends, challenges and solutions.

If you are craving a different, more fun IBS experience—while still discovering the latest ideas—you’ll find fresh perspectives and like-minded professionals at the Centrals.


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