International Builders' Show
January 21 - 23, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
JAN 21-23, 2020

IBS Insurance Requirements

ALL exhibitors are required to maintain general liability insurance coverage from an insurance company in good standing and in accordance with the requirements described below.

Proof of Insurance

All exhibitors are required to provide NAHB with a copy of their Certificate of Insurance (COI) before they will be allowed to set up. You must make sure your insurance provider adds the information shown in the sample below. You can upload a copy of your insurance by following the Upload link below.

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Purchasing a Policy

In the event that your company needs to acquire a policy that satisfies this requirement, one option available to you is To learn more or to purchase a policy, please see Rainprotection Insurance. 

Coverage Requirements

Exhibitor shall, at its own expense, secure and maintain through the term of IBS, including move-in and move-out days, the insurance listed below. All such insurance shall be primary of any other valid and collectible insurance of Exhibitor and shall be written on an occurrence basis. Claims made policies are not acceptable and do not constitute compliance with Exhibitor’s obligations under this paragraph. Workers’ Compensation and employer’s liability insurance in compliance with the requirements of the state where the Exposition is held;

Comprehensive General Liability insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate, combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage, including coverage for personal injury, contractual, and operation of mobile equipment, products and liquor liability (if applicable);

Automobile Liability insurance with limits not less than $500,000 each occurrence combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage, including coverage for owned, non-owned and hired vehicles, including loading and unloading operators.

Comprehensive General Liability and Automobile Liability insurance policies must name as additional insureds NAHB, its directors, officers, members, employees, agents; Freeman; and Las Vegas Convention Center.

Copies of additional insured endorsements, primary coverage endorsements and complete copies of policies, satisfactory to Exposition Management, shall be furnished upon request, to Exposition Management sixty (60) days before the first day of the Exposition. Certified copies of the Certificates of Insurance or policies shall provide that they may not be cancelled without thirty (30) days’ notice to Exposition Management.



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