International Builders' Show
February 19 - 21, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
FEB 19-21

High Performance Building Zone

The All New High Performance Building Zone – Where Efficiency Meets Practicality & Profitability


The High Performance Building Zone (HPBZ) is where you’ll discover best practices for improving efficiency in all areas of the home—from basements and roofs to everything in between. And this year, we’re adding a whole new dimension to the Zone: the Building Performance Lab.

The Demonstration Stage
Through a series of live, interactive construction demonstrations, nationally acclaimed instructors and building science experts Matt Whitbeck, Kevin Ireton and Gord Cooke will take you through the practical, real-world side of why building science and high performance building are transforming the housing industry. Each day, the stage will feature a variety of 30-minute presentations demonstrating how you can build various components and showcasing the latest methods, tips and tricks used in high performance building technique. Throughout the week, you’ll get a “whole-house” look for improving performance throughout your homes.

Building Performance Lab
The perfect complement for the Demonstration Stage, our new Building Performance Lab will offer even more opportunities to see high performance building techniques and practices up-close and in-action, only this time, through a small, finished model home. The Lab will feature various cut-aways and see-through sections, giving you an inside-look at how high performance wall systems, floors, HVAC, insulation and more are constructed and finished, and how the products and techniques discussed on the HPBZ Demo Stage translate to a real structure. Blower door tests will be performed as well as air and water inspections through the use of thermal imaging devices. We'll also conduct tours of the home all throughout the week and host a variety of presentations highlighting its features.

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