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IBSx Exhibitor FAQs

The information below is current as of December 4, 2020.

2021 IBS - Rollover & Refund 

Q: If I signed up to exhibit at the 2021 IBS and decided to rollover my money as a credit towards the cost of my space at the 2022 IBS, will I be allowed to reallocate any of that money to the 2021 IBSx? 
A: Yes. Refunds and rollover options are explained in the 2021 IBS Cancellation - Exhibit Space Payment Refund & Rollover Policy. 

Q: If we withdrew from our in-person booth space prior to the deadline due to COVID concerns, are we able to exhibit in the virtual show now that it has been announced? 
A: Yes, if you cancelled your booth for the in-person 2021 IBS prior to the cancellation deadline, you can exhibit in the 2021 IBSx. 

Q: Will there be refunds for switching from a physical booth to a virtual booth? 
A: Refunds and rollover options are explained in the 2021 IBS  Cancellation - Exhibit Space Payment Refund & Rollover Policy. 

Q: If I prefer not to participate in IBSx, will NAHB refund my 2021 IBS exhibit space payments and/or allow me to rollover those funds to the 2022 IBS? Also, how will my priority points be handled?  
A: Refunds and rollover options are explained in the  2021 IBS Cancellation - Exhibit Space Payment Refund & Rollover Policy. Priority points that would have been earned from participation in the in-person IBS will only be retained if 35% or more of the cost of the 2021 IBS exhibit space is rolled over to the 2022 IBS.  

IBSx - General 

Q: When is the virtual event?
A: The 2021 IBSx, the NAHB International Builders’ Show® virtual experience, will take place February 9-12, 2021. Education and exhibits will remain available on-demand through March 31, 2021. 

Q: What is the status of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show® (KBIS)? 
A: The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has cancelled the in-person 2021 KBIS and is moving forward with a virtual experience to coincide with IBSx on February 9-12, 2021. 

Q: How many exhibitors are participating in 2021 IBSx? 
A: The IBSx exhibitor list is available here. 

Q: How many attendees are you expecting at the 2021 IBSx? 
A: IBSx will connect you with thousands of buyers, builders, remodelers and other residential construction pros from all over the world. After the in-person 2021 IBS was cancelled, NAHB rolled over 8,700 registered attendees to IBSx. Additionally, NAHB has over 130,000 active members that will have free access to the exhibits on the IBSx platform. Leading members of the media will also have free access to the exhibits, enabling our exhibitors to highlight their innovations directly to members of the press. In a recent survey, 80% of past IBS attendees expressed an interest in participating in IBSx. Registration for IBSx opened on Monday, November 2.   

Q: What is going to make the virtual Builders Show different/better than other virtual shows that have occurred throughout the pandemic? 
A: We have learned a lot from other trade show organizers regarding the best practices in promoting attendee-to-exhibitor engagement on the platform and have included those featuresWe have booth packages at multiple price points that are designed to increase attendee interactions based on the package level selected. We are also going to make sure attendees know how to navigate within the platform prior to launch through videos and webinars.  

Q: How will NAHB promote the 2021 IBSx to ensure that there are enough attendees to help exhibiting companies achieve a reasonable ROI?   
A: NAHB will use an extensive marketing strategy to promote the 2021 IBSx, including email and direct mail marketing, social media, advertising in industry publication and moreWe have one of the largest databases of residential construction professionals in the market and will be promoting the event to NAHB members, past IBS attendees and worldwide network of home building professionals 

 IBSx - Application & Deadlines 

Q: How do I apply to exhibit at the 2021 IBSx? 
A: If you have questions, contact Michael Currier, Vice President of Exposition Sales, at [email protected] or 202-266-8689. 

Q: When is the deadline for signing up to exhibit at the 2021 IBSx?
A: There is no deadline for signing up to exhibit at the 2021 IBSx; however, you will want to register early enough to have time to prepare your exhibit and use all available toolsAlso, companies that did not cancel their 2021 IBS space have until December 8 to decide how to reallocate their funds; for companies that do not respond NAHB will automatically rollover their money as a credit towards the cost of their space at the 2022 IBS.  

Q: When is the 2021 IBSx exhibit space cancellation refund date? 
A: There is no cancellation refund date for the 2021 IBSx. Once an exhibiting company has paid for space at IBSx, there are no refunds.  

IBSx - Virtual Platform & Experience 

Q: What platform will be used for IBSx? 
A: The virtual platform used for the IBSx will be Convey Cloud Conventions (Convey). KBIS will be using the same platform. Having both events on the Convey platform will make it convenient for all attendees to visit the exhibitors of both IBSx and the virtual KBIS. Attendees will continue to register for either IBSx or virtual KBIS as our education programs and special events will be different, but all attendees will have access to the exhibitors of both events. 

Q: As a 2021 IBS exhibitor, will I need to build my own virtual booth? 
A: The Convey platform will be used for the 2021 IBSx and you will be provided with a template and detailed instructions for creating your virtual booth. We will also be hosting training sessions and providing one-on-one assistance for exhibitors upon request 

Q: When can I set up my virtual booth? 
A: The platform and exhibitor pages are currently being created. All exhibitors will be notified when the platform is complete. Exhibitors will have at least one month to build and test their virtual booths. You should plan to complete your booth by 10:00 a.m. E.S.T. on Monday, February 8, 2021.

Q: As an IBSx exhibitor, how will I learn to use the virtual booth and platform to engage with attendees?   
A: We will provide exhibitors with multiple pre-show training options to show you how to use the platform and help maximize the success of your virtual booth. The options will include webinars, instructional documents, best practices and/or one-on-one assistance from NAHB and/or Convey staff.    

Q: How will I generate leads for my company?   
A: Instant sales leads are generated at all booth package levels through in-booth attendee actions like meeting requests, brochure requests, event registrations, virtual swag and any templated call to action buttons you select. Gold and Platinum exhibitors will also have full lead capture for all booth visitors, including attendee booth interaction analytics, so you’ll know what attendees did while visiting your booth. Full leads include name, company, mailing address, phone numberemail (if opted-in) and demographic responses completed during registration.  

Q: How do I get lead reports? 
A: Lead reporting for booth analytics and instant sales leads are available in real-time to booth administrators (you can choose who has admin access). You will receive aggregate reports via email.   

Q: How does matchmaking work? 
A: Prior to the show, your team will have access to a partial attendee list with filter options, such as occupation codes, product categories and geographic location. Using the IBSx platform, you’ll be able to send messages to attendees to request meetings, as well as access other ways to connect during IBSxDepending on your exhibitor package levelyou will receive a specific allotment of messages to avoid overwhelming attendees. If wanted, you can purchase additional matchmaking messagesVisit BuildersShow.com/IBSxMediaKit for pricing.  

Q: What is “virtual swag”? 
A: Virtual swag is the term used to describe traffic drivers like show specials, contests and promotions that will appear both in your booth and on the virtual swag directory on the IBSx homepage. Attendees will click on items, which will generate a lead that is sent to you to manage contests, promotions, promo codes, etc. on the back end. If you want to promote and mail physical items, you can do that too. Virtual swag ideas include: 10% off products/services for show attendees, a drawing to win a Yeti cooler, a $5,000 product package giveaway, a $5 Starbucks gift card for the first 500 attendees in your boothetc. 

Q: As an IBSx exhibitor, what do I do if I encounter difficulty using the platform or technical problems during the show? 
A: We will have a helpline as well as a chat function available before and during the show to answer your questions and quickly fix any problems. 

Q: If we already have a virtual trade show booth asset, can we link it to the IBSx platform rather than building something new on the platform? 
A: Yes, in most cases we will be able to use your existing virtual trade show booth assets if you purchase the Platinum booth package and have embed code for the page. Additional fees may apply for custom integrations. For more information, contact Michael Currier at [email protected] or 202-266-8689. 

Q: As an exhibitor, can we access and market to all show attendees, or only attendees checking in at our booth? 
A: Depending on your booth package level, there will be a variety of options to market to all show attendees AND/OR attendees who visit your booth. For more details, contact Michael Currier at [email protected] or 202-266-8689 

Q: Will anyone be able to participate in the virtual event?   
A: IBSx is open to all professionals in the residential construction industry.   

Q: Does someone need to be registered in order to see our booth?  
A: Yes, all visitors will need to be registered for IBSx or the virtual KBIS and logged into the event to see your booth. If they are not logged in, a message will instruct them to do so (or to register). This helps to maximize your lead and analytic data captured 

Q: Can I promote my specific booth page? 
A: Yes, you will have a custom URL that you can use to promote your booth prior to the event and during the show.  

Q: Will I have a customer invite link/site to offer my customers free registrations? 
A: Yes, you will have a custom link as well as digital resources to promote free registration to your customers and prospects. Anyone that uses your link can register for free expo-only access to the show (regularly $50 for non-NAHB members).  

Q: Will there be a live chat button during the show? 
A: Yes, all three exhibitor packages have a live chat function so that you can connect with attendees who visit your booth. Exhibitors will receive an indication when someone is in their booth and will be able to see who it is (if the attendee has opted-in), allowing you to proactively reach out and connect with them. There can be multiple chats and multiple staff members in a booth simultaneously. All chat is one-on-one, and messages will be received and archived for you to view later. Chatbot functionality can be embedded by exhibitors at the Platinum level.  

Q: How does the live video function work? 
A: Gold and Platinum exhibitors will have a schedule of live video events that attendees will be able to join or add to their calendars. You can set up demos, education, training or sales meetings through this schedule or schedule a general video room that attendees can join throughout the day. Your events will be automatically placed onto a directory of all exhibitor sessions. You may consider recording some of your live sessions and adding the recorded videos to your booth during the show for future on-demand viewing.  

Q: What technology does your live video use?   
A: Your live video can be hosted on your preferred videoconferencing platform. We recommend using a major service such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc.    

Q: Will there be a limit to the amount of content we can upload to your virtual platform? 
A: There will not be a limit on the following items: PDF brochures, catalogs, pricing, photos and press materials. Content such as videos and featured new products are included in the packages in limited quantities. Additional new products or virtual swag can be purchased à la carte, and those items will also be featured in site directories.   

Q: How can I generate booth visits as a smaller exhibitor?  
A: While Gold and Platinum exhibitors will generate more exposure across the site based on dollars invested, smaller exhibitors will still be able to be found in variety of ways. There will be data tags as well as filtered and product category search options for attendees to find you. There is also the pre-show matchmaking functionality you can use to proactively reach out to prospects. You can also purchase additional advertising on the platform to increase your exposure. Of course, just like a live event, you should also promote your participation and unique URL through social media, emails, websites and other marketing efforts.  

Q: How many people do I need to staff my booth? 
A: Depending on the complexity of how you are presenting in the platform you may need as few as one person or several. There is no limit on the number of people that can staff your booth.  

IBSx - Options, Sponsorship & Pricing 

Q: Will the booth prices remain the same for virtual and in-person exhibitors? 
A: No, virtual booth pricing options are different from in-person booth pricing. The IBSx virtual booth pricing is available at BuildersShow.com/IBSxMediaKit.

Q: What are the virtual trade show exhibitor options? 
A: We have three package options priced at different levels along with à la carte features that can be purchased as add-on items. The packages will include live text and video chats, matchmaking invites, and new product showcases with the ability to upload brochures, videos and lead capture. These are all meant to enable exhibitors to quickly engage attendees looking for the latest products and services provided by your company and provide you with actionable leads.   

Q: Will there be sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors in IBSx? 
A: Yes, there is a wide selection of sponsorship opportunities as well as pre- and post-show marketing options available to exhibitors. The list of  à la carte sponsorship opportunities is available at BuildersShow.com/IBSxMediaKitFor more information contact Lynn Margiotta, Assistant Vice President of Sponsorship Sales, at [email protected] or 202-266-8685.  

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