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Now that you’ve reserved a booth, it’s time to prepare and build it. The Exhibitor Tools area of the website has all of the information and forms you need to properly prepare.  Note: You will need your IBS Username and Password to access this administrative section of the website.   Click here if you have lost or forgotten your login credentials. If you need to update your Booth Contact information (and/or Marketing contact), please contact any member of our Expo Sales Team

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Occasionally, the Exhibit Services team sends Email Newsletters containing important information, deadline reminders and Show updates to Exhibitors through a third party email service provider. 

If your email account is managed in a corporate environment or on an organizational level, please forward the domain names below to your email accounts administrator (usually in your IT department) and ask that these domains and addresses be white-listed in your organization-wide email settings. Additionally, certain individual recipients may have a layer of message filtering set up beyond the ISP level. In order to ensure emails regarding NAB Show reach your inbox, you should ensure that emails from the following domain names are also white-listed in your email account's settings. This protects important emails from being filtered into your Junk Mail folder. 

agilitylogistics.com centerplate.com occc.net
experient-inc.com freemanco.com nahb.mmsend.com

Privacy of Exhibitor Contact Information

Please be advised NAHB does not sell Exhibitor Lists or contact information to anyone and only provides this information to the Show's Official Vendors to inform Exhibitors of Show-related services. Solicitations from unofficial vendors are often the result of obtaining public information available on the internet. Don't get scammed!

For additional information or questions, contact the NAHB Show Exhibit Services team at (202) 266-8109, or via email.

Three principles should guide your planning.

I. Make it easy for attendees to find YOU!

Step 1. Your very first step should be to submit your company profile. Your profile information is used online and in the official exhibit guide.  The sooner you complete it, the better.  Your profile includes many sections and is used in many places to locate and showcase your company.  

Do them ALL!   Make sure you add as much information as you can.  List all of the products you sell, add press releases, any giveaways, celebrity appearances, logos etc. 

Step 2. Familiarize yourself with all of the FREE marketing available to your company and Do them ALL!

  • Start with your Company Profile.
  • Enter the "Best of IBS" competition.
  • Submit an product press release that NAHB sends to its national press contacts.
  • Get a free press contact list from NAHB and send them something.
  • Add a Press Kit that we post online and invite the press to visit.
  • Hold a Press Event onsite (with limitations).
  • Add an IBS web banner to your website that offers free registration.
  • Use your personalized IBS weblink to invite prospects and customers to register for Free.
  • Add your Social Media links to our regular promotions.
  • Send your customers free printed (or electronic) Courtesy Invitation Tickets

II. Understand the details and avoid mistakes.

Step 1.  Know your targeted freight date.  It's an important date that impacts much of your planning such as your shipping plans, move-in schedule, hotel and travel planning.

Step 2.  Get your hotel accommodations reserved as soon as possible  Las Vegas is jammed during IBS and hotel rooms are very limited.  Remember, there are several benefits for getting a block of rooms through NAHB.  And please avoid the housing SCAMS that will tempt you with hollow promises!

III. Do it early and save money!

Step 1. Don't miss the early discount deadlines. IBS is produced with the support services provided by a variety of Official IBS Vendors.  All of the official vendors have early discounted price deadlines.

  • Freeman is the designated General Contractor and Official Decorator for the IBS.  In addition to providing carpet, furniture and booth accessories for exhibitors,  Freeman handles all of the labor for set-up and dismantle, the handling of all freight in and out of the convention center; rental exhibits and more.

  • The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) handles fire safety requirements.
  • Specialty Services such as Lead Retrieval, Floral, Models, Photography, Catering, Security and more are provided by individual companies that IBS has designated as Official IBS Vendors.  While other companies may offer these services, we strongly suggest that you use official vendors whenever possible.  The use of any non-official service provider means that you must follow the procedures for using an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC).

IV. Logistics Overview

SHIPPING Your Exhibit 

Warehouse - You can ship your freight to the Freeman warehouse and it will automatically be delivered to your booth for you to begin setup on your targeted freight date.  We strongly suggest that you ship your freight to the warehouse whenever possible.

Direct to the OCCC - You can ship your freight directly to the convention center.  It must be scheduled to arrive on your targeted freight date.  Driving your freight is permitted but does have some restrictions that you must be aware of.  

Hand Carrying - You are permitted to hand carry materials into the exhibit from the public entrances.  You can also hand carry items from the dock areas specifically designated for Personally Owned Vehicles. 

Move-in and Booth Setup

24 Hour Access - Your exhibitor’s badge allows you to have 24-hour access to the exhibit floor, throughout setup and the show.

Starting Time- You can begin set-up of your booth anytime after your freight is delivered to your booth. If you ship your freight directly to the show site, how long it takes for your freight to be delivered to your booth depends on many factors, so for planning purposes it is recommended that you schedule your set-up for late in the day (if you have a morning delivery time) or the following day (if you have an afternoon delivery time).

Completion Deadline - All crates must be emptied and labeled for removal by 3:00 p.m., and exhibits must be completely setup by 5:00 p.m., Monday, February 8, 2021. 

 Exhibit Construction Guidelines

 Multi-Level & Covered Booths - Special rules apply to these type of exhibits booths and involve sending proper drawings for approvals by the OCCC.

Flame Producing Product Displays - Any exhibitor displaying a product that produces a flame must submit an Open Flame Approval form to the OCCC.

Full Cubic Content - IBS is a full cubic content event which means you are permitted to erect rear and side walls to the maximum heights specified on the Exhibitor Confirmation.  Maximum booth height is determined by location within the exhibit hall. 

Note: The Full Cubic Content rule allows the neighbor behind you and/or beside you to erect a wall between their booth and yours. The rule allows for the wall to go as high as their contracted height permits and extend all the way to the aisle. The only requirement for exhibitors that erect a wall is that any portion of the backside of the rear-wall that exceeds 8 feet in height or any portion of the backside of a sidewall that exceeds 3 feet in height must be finished and cannot display any company name, logo or advertising. The portion of the rear-wall below 8 feet and the portion of any sidewall below 3 feet that faces a neighboring booth does not need to be finished by the company erecting the wall or display.


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