FEB 9-11, 2021

Cori Masters

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Cori Masters

Beacon Homes Meridian, Idaho

Cori has over 5 years of experience as an Online Sales Counselor with proven success. In the past her expertise has helped contribute to over 60% of overall sales. Cori’s multicultural background has allowed her to navigate the industry, helping and understanding buyers of different backgrounds. After studying photography in Italy and Japan, Cori and her husband moved to the US where she started working as an online sales counselor for Royal Oaks Homes, under Matt Riley’s guidance. She has implemented videos to all her follow ups and even conducted a video series about the construction of her own home that was shared on social media and helped buyers understand the buying process from the ground until move-in day! Currently she works for Beacon Homes in OK while living in Boise ID. Most recently she has been involved in the development of her builder’s Tour Now program and continues to be a part of Online Sales and Marketing team . She believes technology is the ultimate tool for any industry if we know how to use it to bring us together and not to make the process less personalized.

Where you can find Cori Masters during IBS: Humanizing the Virtual World: The (Un)Conventional Approach to Creating Relationships

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