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FEB 27 - 29, 2024

Rathna Ramakrishnan

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Rathna Ramakrishnan

Remodeler Digital Palo Alto, California

Rathna Ramakrishnan, an expert digital marketer with over a decade of experience, leads Remodeler Digital, a specialized agency geared towards boosting the online presence and lead generation capabilities of remodeling contractors. Hosting The Remodeler Digital Playbook Podcast, she offers a wealth of practical marketing strategies and insights, drawing on interviews with successful business owners and industry experts. Author of "From Bricks to Clicks - The Remodeling Contractors' Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing," her focus is on empowering remodeling contractors to excel in digital marketing, helping them achieve business growth and success through effective and effortless lead generation techniques. Beyond her professional life, Rathna is a mother of two teenage boys and has been happily married for 25 years. She enjoys a range of activities from reading and skiing to swimming and even skydiving, bringing a dynamic and adventurous spirit to everything she does.

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