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Feb 27 - 29, 2024

Authenticus Inc.

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Authenticus is a consulting service partnering to provide a clarifying and literal visualization to the project creation process. Industry professionals daily see the unseen and have the ability to envision what will be. However, on a day to day, the majority must practice faith or find a tool, beyond a blueprint, picture or piece of paper, to take bring it to life. Authenticate your next project with Authenticus, by seeing the unbuilt - saving you time, resources and creating peace of mind.

Image for 2D Projecting Studio/ Augmented Reality App/ Selections Visualizer/ Mixed Reality Glasses

2D Projecting Studio/ Augmented Reality App/ Selections Visualizer/ Mixed Reality Glasses

We are an all ecompasing, immersive, visualization service, bringing many different technologies to our clients, which includes 2D Walkable Plans, 3D, Augmented Reality App, Mixed Reality Glasses

Authenticus Inc is a revolutionary technology company that is a game changer for the building industry...and we are going to annoucnce at IBS for the first time that we will begin to take applications for franchising our brand for anywhere in the North America region.

  • Authenticus Franchising
    Authenticus Inc is going to be annoucning at IBS that they will be Franchising and will begin taking applications for any interested parties located in the North America territories.
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Authenticus Inc.
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  • Architectural Design Software
  • Architectural Renderings, Drawings and Services
  • Consultants/Testing Services
  • Home Plans
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Marketing Services
  • Virtual Reality

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