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Byers Products Group - Versa Lift Attic Storage Lift System

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Versa Lift, manufactured by Byers Products Group, is a fully automated home storage lifting system.  Home buyers absolutely love Versa Lift because it gives them push-button access to all that storage space overhead, in the attic, or in the basement, that's normally very difficult to utilize.  Versa Lift eliminates the back breaking work and danger associated with carrying heavy boxes and storage containers up the attic stairs into the attic (or down into the basement).   Versa Lift is an addition to your homes that will add value while showing your customers how much you really care about their convenience and safety.

Versa Rail adds a whole new dimension of safety to your homes that are equipped with fold-down attic ladders.  Versa Rail reduces falling risk by surrounding the ladder opening upstairs to guard against accidentally falling through the opening while moving around upstairs.  Versa Rail  also provides a solid handrail to grab hold of when climbing up into the attic on the stairs and during that crucial first step that you take on the way back down the ladder.   Versa Rail provides much needed safety and convenience for home owners everywhere.

Bring HUGE smiles to your customer's face by including Versa Lift and Versa Rail in the homes you build!     

Byers Products Group - Versa Lift Attic Storage Lift System
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Versa Lift Attic Storage Lift System and Versa Rail Attic Ladder Safety Railing.

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