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Feb 25 - 27, 2025

M.J energy wall system inc.

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M.J provides customers with one-stop solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls and window walls, from design, manufacturing to installation. Focusing on and meeting customers' needs to build sustainable buildings.

We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and installation of various systems including stick-built curtain walls, unitized curtain walls, window walls, storefronts, and aluminum window and door systems. Our expertise extends from outdoor to indoor environments, ensuring efficient and convenient solutions for our clients.

1.Product Application Advice

Our team of experts will evaluate your project requirements and architectural plans to offer personalized suggestions. We will support you in choosing appropriate materials, creating efficient layouts, and incorporating energy-saving elements to guarantee the best application of our products.

2.Routine Visits
Our pre-sales visits ensure understanding of your needs, provide updates, address concerns, and offer customized solutions. Regular visits enhance communication, boost satisfaction, and provide tailored support for a smooth pre-sales experience and project success. Our after-sales visits gather feedback, address concerns, and offer technical support for seamless product operation. With our regular post-sales visits, we provide ongoing support, boost customer satisfaction, and foster long-term partnerships.

3.Project Estimate
We analyze your project requirements and plans to provide precise cost estimates. Our expertise in materials, design, and installation ensures accurate pricing and timelines. Trust our project estimating services to plan your budget and ensure a smooth project execution.

4.Innovating New Solutions
Our dedicated engineering and design team conducts thorough research and innovation to create customized and cutting-edge products that align with your needs and market trends. By staying updated on the latest technology and design trends, we ensure a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, delivering innovative solutions that help you stay ahead in a dynamic market.

5.Accurate Load Calculations for Your Project
Our team performs thorough structural analysis and load calculations tailored to your project requirements and architectural design. We guarantee the ability of door, window, and curtain wall systems to withstand safe and efficient loads in diverse conditions, ensuring project stability and safety. Benefit from our precise structural load calculations for precise technical guidance in making informed design decisions.

6.Comprehensive Technical Drawings
Our team will create precise and comprehensive technical drawings tailored to your requirements. Our expertise lies in designing detailed drawings with accurate dimensions, specifications, and installation details. These drawings serve as reliable references, ensuring the precise manufacturing and seamless installation of window and door curtain wall systems. By utilizing our technical drawing service, you can enhance project efficiency and accuracy with top-notch drawing documents.


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