Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV
Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2023

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Each registration to attend the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) helps to support our industry and gives NAHB members the opportunity to find solutions, tap into the latest industry trends and connect in-person with leading residential construction thought leaders. IBS 2023 will include new product launches, construction demos, networking opportunities and top-notch education.

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EO Schedule & Resources

The finalized EOC schedule will be available soon, but plan on EOC-specific education and networking to start on Sunday, January 29 and last through Wednesday, February 1, 2023.


  • The EO reporting tool will be posted in late September.

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IBS Promo Tools

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Registration and HBA hotel assignments are now open and EOs & local association staff do not pay a registration fee. Register Now!

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September Deals Extended (Static JPEGS)


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=580x72jpeg&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=300x250jpeg&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=728x90jpeg&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=970x250jpeg&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext

September Deals Extended (Animated GIFS)

300 x 250

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=300x250&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext

320 x 100

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=320x100&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext

468 x 90

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=468x90&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext

580 x 72

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=580x72&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext

728 x 90

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=728x90&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext

970 x 250

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?genericContentID=188372&fromGSA=1&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=970x250&utm_campaign=ibs23-septext


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We’re headed back to Vegas! Registration is open for the 2023 Builders' Show, January 31-February 2. NAHB Members: Get your FREE expo pass or save on Expo+Education registration. www.buildersshow.com/september.


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Active NAHB IBS Showfloor

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