FEB 8-10, 2022

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IBSx is the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) virtual experience, and will connect the home building industry together, online. This virtual alternative of IBS will include new product launches, construction demos, networking opportunities and exclusive interactive education to help your members find solutions, tap into the latest industry trends and propel their businesses into the future. Learn more about IBSx.

NAHB member FREE Expo Pass
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See construction demos, connect with the leading industry suppliers & discover new products.

FREE Expo Pass

$249 All Access Pass

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*All Access Pass: Education + Expo.

IBS ambassadors
100+ Sessions

Live, semi-live and on-demand – an All Access Pass gives attendees the opportunity to learn the best practices, strategies and solutions they need to strengthen their businesses.

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What to expect video
What to Expect

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Digital & Print Promo Tools

The following tools are available for NAHB Leadership, Staff, EOs and Ambassadors to help promote IBSx, which also supports our industry. If you have questions, need additional items or other sizes, please contact Sanetra Payne. Thank you for your support! 

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NAHB member FREE Expo Pass

160 x 600

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=160x600-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

300 x 250

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=get-your-free-expo-pass&utm_content=300x250-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

468 X 90

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=get-your-free-expo-pass&utm_content=468x90-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

580 X 72

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=get-your-free-expo-pass&utm_content=580x72-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

728 X 90

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=get-your-free-expo-pass&utm_content=728x90-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

1200 X 400

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=1200x400-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

NAHB member FREE Expo Pass - NAHB + IBSx Logo 

160 x 600

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=160x600-nahb-logo-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

300 x 250

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=get-your-free-expo-pass&utm_content=300x250-nahb-logo-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

300 X 600

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=get-your-free-expo-pass&utm_content=300x600-nahb-logo-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

1200 X 400

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=1200x400-nahb-logo-member-expo-pass&utm_campaign=member-ibs21

NAHB member All Access Pass: Education + Expo

160 x 600

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=160x600-all-access&utm_campaign=ibs21

300 x 250

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=300x250-all-access&utm_campaign=ibs21

300 x 600

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=300x600-all-access&utm_campaign=ibs21

580 X 72

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=580x72-all-access&utm_campaign=ibs21

728 X 90

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=728x90-all-access&utm_campaign=ibs21

970 X 250

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=970x250-all-access&utm_campaign=ibs21

1200 X 400

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/generic.aspx?sectionID=3303&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=register-today&utm_content=1200x400-all-access&utm_campaign=ibs21



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Courtesy Invitation Ticket (CIT)

Encourage NAHB members to register for IBSx using this courtesy invitation ticket and give them IBSx info at a glance.

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Copy/paste and add this to your email signature. The logo below is intended for email signature usage only. 

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Option 1

Join us at the IBSx Virtual Experience, Feb. 9-12! As a member of our local association, you’re automatically an NAHB member, and eligible for a FREE expo pass. Register today!

Option 2

The IBSx Virtual Experience, will happen February 9-12, 2021, and NAHB members can get a FREE Expo Pass. Register now!

Option 3

Don’t miss the products, demos and education during the IBSx Virtual Experience, Feb. 9-12. NAHB members get a FREE expo pass. Register now!

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Now - February 12

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EO & HBA Staff Registration

Did you know? IBSx registration for EOs and HBA staff is FREE! Select 'State and Local Association Staff' from the registration options.

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More Resources

2021 EO Reporting Portal - Get a list of members from your HBA and/or non-members in your state who are registered for IBSx.

Note: You must be logged into nahb.org with your EO login credentials to view the report. Contact Allie Seale if you encounter any issues.

IBSx Ambassador Program

IBSx Registration Rates (Comparison Chart)


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