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The following tools will help you promote the NAHB International Builders' Show® (IBS), which supports our industry. If you have questions, need additional items or other sizes, please contact Sanetra Payne. Thank you for your support! 

High Performance Building Zone
FREE Expo Pass in September

Exclusive NAHB member offer to see construction demos, connect with the leading industry suppliers & discover new products.

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IBS ambassadors
IBS Ambassador Program

Join more than 80 HBAs nationwide who have provided this FREE membership benefit to their members. Nominate your HBA's spokesperson & local Builders' Show expert today!

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Man with laptop
EO Reporting Tool

Find out who's registered for IBS! Get your list of members from your HBA and/or non-members in your state in Excel and PDF formats.

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Note: You must be logged into nahb.org with your EO login credentials to view the report. Contact Allie Seale if you encounter any issues.

IBS Promo Tools

Banner Ads

September Deals

160 x 600

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=188372&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=160x600-sept&utm_campaign=sept-ibs21

300 x 250

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=188372&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=300x250-sept&utm_campaign=sept-ibs21

468 x 90 

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=188372&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=468x90-sept&utm_campaign=sept-ibs21

580 x 72

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=188372&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=580x72-sept&utm_campaign=sept-ibs21

728 x 90

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=188372&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=728x90-sept&utm_campaign=sept-ibs21

1200 x 400

Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=188372&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=free-expo-pass&utm_content=1200x400-sept&utm_campaign=sept-ibs21



See You Next Year

4.5" X 9.25"

8.5" X 11"

September Deals

8.5" x 11"


First Time Attendee Deals


Social Media

September deals tools

Facebook cover photo

Join us at the Builders' Show tools

Instagram post 

Facebook post 

email signature 

Follow and share content from our official IBS accounts.

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IBS Ambassador Promo Tools

Banner Ads


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=243415&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=sign-up-today&utm_content=300x600-hba&utm_campaign=ambassador-ibs21


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=243415&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=sign-up-today&utm_content=300x250-hba&utm_campaign=ambassador-ibs21


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=243415&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=sign-up-today&utm_content=468x250-hba&utm_campaign=ambassador-ibs21


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=243415&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=sign-up-today&utm_content=580x250-hba&utm_campaign=ambassador-ibs21


Link to: https://www.buildersshow.com/Home/Page.aspx?genericContentID=243415&utm_source=hba&utm_medium=Display&utm_term=sign-up-today&utm_content=728x90-hba&utm_campaign=ambassador-ibs21



0.25" bleed, no crop marks

Social Media


Become an #IBS2021 ambassador and volunteer to share your Builders' Show expertise with your fellow HBA members. Help spread the word on the benefits of attending the building industry's most comprehensive event. BuildersShow.com/ambassador

Builders’ Show enthusiasts wanted to represent our HBA nationally. Share your love for the show and volunteer to become an #IBS2021 ambassador. Sign up today! BuildersShow.com/ambassador

Are you a Builders’ Show veteran with the passion to help your fellow HBA members make the most of attending the show? Volunteer to serve as our HBA's #IBS2021 ambassador to increase member awareness, share important updates and inform others about the benefits of attending the show. Learn more. BuildersShow.com/ambassador

Team up with [EO name] and help grow our HBA’s attendance at #IBS2021. Work directly with the Builders’ Show marketing team, share your experience and help your fellow members get the most from attending the show. Learn more. BuildersShow.com/ambassador

Volunteer to become a Builders’ Show ambassador and serve as our local expert in all things #IBS2021. Update your fellow members, answer IBS questions and gather local feedback to share with the IBS team. Sign up now! BuildersShow.com/ambassador

Are you an IBS enthusiast passionate about growing our HBA’s presence at #IBS2021? We want you to serve as our local IBS point of contact for fellow members. Sign up today! BuildersShow.com/ambassador

EO & HBA Staff Registration

Did you know? IBS registration for EOs and HBA staff is FREE! Select 'State and Local Association Staff' from the registration options.

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IBS Photos


High resolution for print
Low resolution
© Oscar Einzig Photography

Man wearing a blue shirt drills into a piece of wood

High resolution for print
Low resolution
© Oscar Einzig Photography

Man hammering a nail into a piece of wood

High resolution for print
Low resolution
© Nick Hagen Photography

Two men wearing gray shirts standing next to a green wall

High resolution for print
Low resolution
© Nick Hagen Photography

People walking around outside

High resolution for print
Low resolution
© Nick Hagen Photography


High resolution for print
Low resolution
© Nick Hagen Photography

IBS21: First Timers

First-Time Attendee Deal

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IBS21: September Deals

September-Only Savings

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IBS 2021: Real Ideas. Real Solutions.

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