FEB 25 - 27, 2025 | Las Vegas, NV
FEB 25 - 27, 2025

Rules & Policies for IBS

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Prohibited/Restricted Activities

Soliciting, polling, interviewing, etc. in any part of the Las Vegas Convention Center other than exhibitors' booths is strictly prohibited, and any person so doing will be required to leave the building. Circulars, catalogs, magazines, folders, and any other matter may be distributed only from within the exhibitor's booth and must be related strictly to the products and/or services on display or directly available from the individual exhibitor. Distribution of wheeled carts is prohibited. Distribution from booth to booth or in the aisles is forbidden, and exhibitors must confine their exhibit activities to their contracted space. Strolling entertainment or moving advertisements outside of an exhibitor's assigned space is not permitted.

The use of loudspeakers, recording equipment, television sets, radios, operating machinery, or any other apparatus that is of sufficient volume to disrupt neighboring exhibitors’ ability to reasonably converse with customers will not be permitted. Exhibitors using audio systems and/or live entertainment must keep amplification at a conversational level.

In no case shall any form of amplification or activity that is purposely intended to generate sound or attention be allowed to generate a noise level in excess of 80dB as measured on a sound level meter.

Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in the immediate stoppage of all amplification. The use of speakers will be permitted only if they are within the confines of the Exhibitor's contracted exhibit space and facing inward and not toward the aisles. Adequate sound insulation must be built around any speakers or demonstration apparatus to assure non-interference with neighboring exhibitors. The sound from any and all audio presentations, equipment demonstrations, or any other booth activity must not spread beyond the immediate area of the display. Light and Laser shows or demonstrations must not project beyond the Exhibitor's booth. Stages, if used in exhibits, must face the inside of the booth in order to prevent the audience from blocking the aisles. In any event, Exhibitors planning demonstrations must plan them in such a way that the attendees watching the demonstrations do not block the aisles. All these regulations will be strictly enforced.

Failure to comply with these regulations can result in Exposition Management suspending the use of the Exhibitor's amplification equipment or shutting down power to all or part of the booth.

The use of any type of generator for the purpose of generating electricity (indoor or outdoor) is prohibited. Propane generators may be operated for brief product presentations provided they comply with all fire and safety regulations.

Propane use in booths must have prior approval of the Fire Marshal. Please review the Flame-Producing Products information.

In addition, please see the full Fire Safety Regulations.

All exhibitors that intend to use or exhibit fire-burning devices MUST apply for a Temporary Operational Fire Permit. This process requires the applicant to create an account account with the Clark County Fire Department and follow a very detailed submission process. We STRONGLY recommend that you review the detailed description of the Application Process BEFORE you begin. This document contains very important tips and guidelines that will assist you in the process. View the Application Process.

Note: In addition to the required online application, you will also need to submit a completed paper version of the permit.

Examples of flame-burning devices that require a permit according to the fire safety guidelines.

  • Fireplaces
  • Cooking equipment
  • Decorative alcohol fuel burning candles
  • Gas lamps
  • Gas grills

Live animals of any kind (excluding Service Animals) are not allowed on the exhibit floor. There are no exceptions.

Popcorn machines are prohibited, and popcorn and peanuts may not be distributed in booths.

Smoke and/or fog-producing machines may not be used at any time.

All helium balloons must be approved in advance by Exposition Management and the Facility. Small individual balloons are NOT permitted. You may email NAHB your request to use an advertising balloon to [email protected].

NOTE: Only large (greater than 3' x 5') advertising blimps/balloons will be considered and all approved balloons must be securely tethered/anchored to the booth structure.

UAS – Unmanned Aerial System includes all of the following:

  • UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System
  • RC Model Aircraft
  • Drone

NOTE: Unmanned Aerial Systems are strictly prohibited, indoors or outdoors. For more information on the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems, please contact show management at [email protected].

Booth Design & Construction Regulations

No part of your booth, including exhibitry, trusses, lights, projections, signage, ramps, stakes, plants, speakers, sound, solicitors or solicitations, or hired staff may extend beyond the perimeters of your booth. You are limited to the space as determined by the measurements in your contract.

IBS is a Full Cubic Content event. This means you are permitted to erect rear and side walls to the maximum heights specified on the Exhibitor Confirmation. Maximum booth height is determined by location within the exhibit hall.

NOTE: The Full Cubic Content rule allows the neighbor behind you and/or beside you to erect a wall between their booth and yours. The rule allows for the wall to go as high as their contracted height permits and extend all the way to the aisle. The only requirement for exhibitors that erect a wall is that any portion of the backside of the rear-wall that exceeds 8 feet in height or any portion of the backside of a sidewall that exceeds 3 feet in height must be finished and cannot display any company name, logo or advertising. The portion of the rear-wall below 8 feet and the portion of any sidewall below 3 feet that faces a neighboring booth does not need to be finished by the company erecting the wall or display. See also Finished Appearance below.

The maximum height of booths, display equipment, and signs shall be restricted to the heights indicated on the Floor Plans. Maximum booth height is determined by location within the exhibit hall.

Note: You can locate your maximum height limit by finding your booth number in the Hall that your exhibit is located.

If you cannot find your booth number listed, please contact Kelly Faist at [email protected].

IN-LINE BOOTHS: Background Drape and Side Divider Drape is AUTOMATICALLY provided for all in-line booths. In-line booths will have an 8 foot high back drape and a 3 foot high side drape. Back and side drapes will be black.

NOTE: The Full Cubic Content rule allows the neighbor behind you and/or beside you to erect a wall between their booth and yours. The rule also allows for the wall to go as high as their contracted height permits and extend all the way to the aisle. The only requirement for exhibitors that erect a wall is that any portion of the backside of the rear-wall that exceeds 8 feet in height or any portion of the backside of a sidewall that exceeds 3 feet in height must be finished and cannot display any company name, logo or advertising. The portion of the rear-wall below 8 feet and the portion of any sidewall below 3 feet that faces a neighboring booth does not need to be finished by the company erecting the wall or display.

PENINSULA BOOTHS: If you are in a peninsula space that shares a side with in-line booths, you will be provided with 8' high black Background Drape within 5 feet of each aisle. You are permitted to extend the rear wall of your exhibit the entire width of your contracted space, but must also ensure that your rear wall has a finished appearance on both sides.

If you are in a peninsula space that backs up with another peninsula (a split-island), no dividing drape is provided.

Exhibitors with split-island peninsula booths who do not build solid back walls to a minimum of 8 feet high are required to cover any unfinished or unsightly portions of the booth adjacent to their booth. IF THIS REGULATION HAS NOT BEEN COMPLIED WITH BY 3:00 PM, MONDAY, February 24, 2025, DRAPING WILL BE INSTALLED AND CHARGED TO THE EXHIBITOR, PLUS ONE HOUR OVERTIME LABOR.

Exposition Management has the absolute discretion to install drapery material, at the exhibitor's expense, to bring any booth into compliance.

Hanging or attaching signs, lighting, or anything else from/to any part of the Facility is prohibited except for Exhibitors with island and peninsula type booths that have a single booth square footage of 400 sq. ft. or greater. Furthermore, the lowest point of any item hung from the facility by a qualifying booth must not fall between 4 and 9 feet from the floor and any sign hung in a peninsula type booth must maintain a minimum ten (10) foot offset from the shared common wall. All hanging banners, signs, truss, and lighting must be attached to approved celling locations only.

All Exhibitors with in-line booths and all booths less than 400 square feet are prohibited from attaching or hanging anything whatsoever to/or from any part of the Facility.

NOTE: If a booth is a subsidiary of a larger company, the subsidiary booth must also meet the rigging requirements. The parent company's square footage does not automatically qualify the subsidiary for hanging signs/rigging.

See the complete Aerial Rigging Conditions and Regulations.

Ground-supported signs are permitted in all styles and sizes of booths. Ground supported signs that exceed 8 feet in height and that also face any adjacent booth must maintain at least a two-foot offset from any shared common wall.

The convention center floor is concrete. It is required that you provide some form of floor covering for your booth. It is up to you to determine how you wish to cover the floor of your booth. Carpeting is not automatically provided by show management. If you are not already providing a floor covering as part of your booth design, you can order carpeting through Freeman, the Official Service Contractor (decorator). 

NOTE: The deadline to order in advance through Freeman is TBD. Anything ordered on-site will be subject to increased fees and delayed installation.

Exhibitor is required to maintain a finished appearance within its entire booth space. This requirement makes it your responsibility to ensure that any portion of a wall erected by a neighboring booth that faces your booth, has a finished appearance, up to 8 feet high on the rear wall and up to 3 feet high on any side wall. Any portion of your neighbor’s wall that faces your booth that extends higher than 8 feet high on the rear wall and 3 feet on any side wall is the responsibility of your neighbor to ensure that it has a finished appearance.

Stages and sound systems, if used in exhibits, must face the inside of the booth in order to prevent the audience from blocking the aisles. In any event, Exhibitors planning demonstrations must plan them in such a way that the attendees watching the demonstrations do not block the aisles.

ALL exhibit structures (not including NAHB approved, permitted aerial rigged signage) MUST be floor supported, self-supporting and structurally sound. In addition, NAHB requires that all theatrical trusses or grid assemblies include adequate steel base plates at the floor of each of the down legs for safety. Safety ties for floor-supported exhibits are permitted, and are required for Exhibitors using floor-supported theatrical trusses/grid systems. Safety ties cannot be used as a substitute for adequate floor support.

If your exhibit structure is multi-level or covered, then you must also read the specific rules related to Multi-Level and Covered Exhibits.

The Las Vegas Convention Center has some very specific rules related to construction approval and fire safety for Multi-level and Covered Exhibits.

COVERED: To place something over or upon an exhibit or portion of an exhibit (e.g., roof, ceiling, tenting, lattice, fabric, or plastic) to cover the ground level and/or support decorative structures. The upper portion of a “covered” exhibit is not occupiable.

MULTI-LEVEL: To construct a level or tier atop an exhibit or portion of an exhibit, to be occupied by one (1) or more persons. Note: Any upper-deck area to be occupied MUST have an approved plan with an engineer stamp registered in the state of Nevada. The LVCC offers a list of Nevada licensed engineers.

NOTE: NAHB automatically provides fire watch coverage for ALL exhibit areas.

Read the complete rules on Multi-Level and Covered Exhibits.

All booths with a back wall (all but Island style) must allow at least 9" of clear space for the installation of electrical equipment behind the back wall.

For example: If your booth is 10' deep, the exhibit should be constructed for a depth of 9'3."

Exhibitor agrees to comply with all applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, its regulations and guidelines (collectively, the “ADA”), and without limiting the foregoing, agrees to construct and operate its exhibit in compliance with the ADA.

All booths must comply with the Convention Center Fire and Safety Regulations.

Vehicles that remain in the exhibition hall as part of a display must have the battery cables disconnected. The gas tank must either be taped shut or have a lockable gas cap and may contain no more than one-fourth (1/4) tank or 10 (ten) gallons of fuel, whichever is less. Please see the Motorized Vehicle Form.

All exhibits must be completely set by 5:00 PM Monday, February 24, 2025. All crates must be emptied and labeled for pickup by this deadline. Final cleaning and finishing work only should take place after this deadline.

Booth Activities & Conduct

Actual occupancy of the Exhibitor's exhibit space by the Exhibitor is required. If the Exhibitor does not occupy the exhibit space by Monday, February 24, 2025, at 5:00 PM, NAHB may occupy or cause said space to be occupied as it may deem best for the interest of the Exposition without in any way releasing the Exhibitor from any liability hereunder. Furthermore, if the Exhibitor does not occupy/staff the space, all rights of an Exhibitor (such as badges, Press Room distribution, etc.) will be revoked.

All exhibits/displays must remain staffed and fully intact until 5:00 PM, Thursday, February 27, 2025. Premature dismantling of and/or failure to fully staff said space during the entire Exposition will result in the loss of priority points.

  • Show respect for your fellow exhibitors and their right to a safe and successful exhibit.
  • Exhibitor booth personnel and representatives should never enter the exhibit space of another exhibitor without permission from that exhibitor.
  • At no time should anyone enter another exhibitor’s booth when the show is not officially open, or the booth is not staffed.
  • Ask and receive permission before taking video or photographs of anything other than your own booth display and/or products.
  • Compete with integrity. Don't pretend to be a customer when you're not and do not interfere, distract or otherwise interrupt other exhibitors.
  • Be flexible when making last minute requests.
  • Be patient and reasonable while your issues are being resolved.
  • Please cooperate to help resolve disputes.
  • When in doubt, seek help from NAHB Exposition Office Staff in the Exposition Sales Office.

Exposition Management has contracted with Rainprotection Insurance to provide Exhibitor with commercial general liability insurance coverage for the Exposition with limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 general aggregate, including coverage for products/completed operations, personal/advertising injury, damage to premises, medical expense, and host liquor liability. The cost of such insurance shall be included in the Directory & Insurance Fee payable with Exhibitor’s Application/Contract for Exhibit Space. The Rainprotection commercial general liability insurance shall name as additional insureds NAHB, its directors, officers, members, employees and agents. Rainprotection will send Exhibitor an email attaching a certificate of insurance showing the coverage and limits of the policy. In addition, if applicable, Exhibitor shall, at its own expense, secure and maintain through the term of this Contract, including move-in and move-out days, worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance in compliance with the requirements of the state in which Exhibitor is incorporated or where the Exposition is held. All such insurance shall be primary of any other valid and collectible insurance of Exhibitor and shall be written on an occurrence basis. Claims made policies are not acceptable and do not constitute compliance with Exhibitor’s obligations under this paragraph. If requested, copies of additional insured endorsements, primary coverage endorsements and complete copies of policies, satisfactory to Exposition Management, shall be furnished to Exposition Management sixty (60) days before the first day of the Exposition. Certified copies of the certificates of insurance or policies shall provide that they may not be cancelled without thirty (30) days’ notice to Exposition Management.

Exhibitor is responsible for procuring any and all applicable licenses, permits, and/or approvals required under federal, state, or local law in connection with Exhibitor’s activities at the Exposition and for paying all fees in connection therewith. The International Builders' Show is a trade-only event and does not allow retail sales that result in the exchange of delivery at the event. Retail sales transacted in which delivery occurs at the event are strictly PROHIBITED. Exhibitors are restricted to taking orders and retail sales transactions in which no delivery occurs at the event. There are no exceptions to this rule.

For a complete listing of all contract terms, please review the 2025 IBS Contract Terms, Conditions Rules and Regulations.

Whenever food is prepared within an exhibit, a Cooking & Food Preparation Form must be completed and emailed to Sodexo.

All companies interested in holding an after-hours event in their exhibit booth must satisfy the following restrictions and submit the required per event fee of $3,000.00.

  • Limited to individual booths 1,500 sq. ft or larger.
  • After-hours booth events can ONLY be held between 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM on the first and/or second day of the show.
  • Complete the After-Hours Request Form.

For more information regarding the requirements for holding an After-Hours Event please email your request to [email protected].

Policy on Videotaping During Design & Construction Week

For safety and legal reasons, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Emerald Expositions, the show manager for KBIS, strictly limit taping at the International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) during Design & Construction Week.

NAHB and Emerald Expositions require all video and production crews to request permission to record on either show floor, and to apply in advance as either a production company or a videography crew. On-site registration will not be available. Local network news crews are the exception to this rule and may register on site.

Anyone planning to record video on the show floor must be pre-approved. 

A media production company is a crew that is taping for a show in current production and booked to air on a recognized network or station.

An exhibitor videography crew is a camera crew or cameraman contracted by an IBS or KBIS exhibitor to record solely in that exhibitor’s booth for that company’s private/non-broadcast use only.

Producers scouting for a show or others who do not meet these qualifications must purchase Non-Editorial Media/Paid Press passes and may not bring cameras onto either show floor.

Insurance Requirements

All production companies and videography crews, at their sole cost and expense, must procure and maintain through the term of the 2023 Design & Construction Week, comprehensive general liability insurance against claims for bodily injury and property damage occurring in or upon or resulting from any activities or persons on the premises leased by NAHB and/or Emerald Expositions. Such insurance shall include contractual liability and product liability coverage, with combined single limits of liability of no less than $1,000,000. In addition to submitting an application, all applicants must provide an original certificate of insurance from their insurance company or agent showing the required coverage and naming the National Association of Home Builders; its directors, officers, agents and employees; Emerald Expositions; its directors, officers, agents and employees; and the Las Vegas Convention Center as additional insured's from February 18- March 1, 2025.

To Apply:
  • Submit an application requesting permission to record at the show.
  • Provide an original certificate of insurance from company’s insurance company or agent.
  • Production companies must submit a letter or email from the programming office of a recognized network or station detailing the assignment, and stating that the production company is at the show to tape for a specific program. Emails should include air date and contact information, and must be sent from a corporate email address. Generic emails such as Gmail/Yahoo will not be accepted.
  • Videography crews must submit a letter or email from the exhibitor stating that the company will be working under contract to record at their booth for private/non-broadcast use. If your company has been contracted to tape more than one exhibitor at either show, you must submit a separate request and paperwork for each company. Crews will be removed from the show if found working an unapproved exhibitor’s booth.
Upon Approval:
  • NAHB/Emerald Expositions will notify all applicants whether or not they have been approved to tape at the show, and will provide final instructions for approved groups.
  • Approved production companies must register as working press.
  • Each approved cameraman/crew will receive a daily camera permit to gain access to the show floor. These must be affixed to the camera in a visible manner at all times. No video camera will be allowed in the exhibit area without a properly displayed permit, and cameras without properly displayed permits will be asked to leave the show floor.
  • All approved crews carrying a video camera must enter the show floor through a designated media entrance.
  • All crews must secure appropriate permission to tape in any booth from all application parties before taping can begin. This includes the use of release forms. NAHB/Emerald Expositions hold the right to obtain all release forms if requested.

No other individuals other than approved crews will be permitted to carry a video camera into the exhibit area.

NAHB and Emerald Expositions reserve the right to remove representatives of any production company or videography crew from the show if they deem that the company or its representative(s) in any way violated stated policies and/or misrepresented itself or the nature of its business. NAHB and Emerald Expositions furthermore reserve the right to confiscate all recordings taken inside any of the IBS or KBIS exhibit areas. Anyone removed from the show forfeits their right to any and all refunds. In no event will NAHB or Emerald Expositions be responsible or liable for the out-of-pocket expenditures or other commitments of the production company or videography crew. We reserve the right to modify this policy without public notice.

For additional information, please contact Liz Thompson, at 202-266-8495 or [email protected] or Stephanie Pagan at [email protected].

Zero-Tolerance Policy for On-Site Solicitation

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) would like to remind all members of the media registered for the International Builders' Show (IBS) and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), of its zero-tolerance policy for on-site soliciting by attendees with complimentary working press credentials.

All press registrants require appropriate credentials and are subject to prior approval by NAHB and NKBA.

Working press with complimentary credentials may not solicit business from exhibitors, spokespeople or attendees during the International Builders' Show or the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, marketing and sales of satellite tours for or by on-air talent, producers and/or production staff, and marketing and sales of ad space for any publication of any kind by reporters, editors and/or photographers. Anyone found engaging in such behavior will be subject to having their working press credentials revoked immediately. NAHB and NKBA reserve the right to enforce the rules and policies as deemed appropriate. Enforcement of these rules and policies may result in the ejection from the premises of any persons lacking the appropriate credentials and/or registration.

Non-Editorial/Paid Press registration is available for marketing, public relations, advertising, sales, publishers, and other non-editorial employees who plan to engage in any sales or marketing activities. Please contact Liz Thompson, NAHB media relations manager at 202-266-8495 or [email protected] if your convention plans include any of these activities and you need to re-register or if you have any questions.

Exhibition Management reserves the right to review and approve Exhibitor's rules for any contest, sweepstakes, drawing or giveaway activity it will conduct at or in connection with the Exposition. In connection with all such activities, Exhibitor represents that it shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and any and all applicable rules of Exposition Management.

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