FEB 9-11, 2021

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Coaching Secrets from Top Sales Managers Across the Country

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Sales & Marketing Professionals, Single Family Builders - All Types, Multifamily Builders & Developers

TRACK: Sales & Marketing

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Education + Expo Pass

The best sales managers are also great coaches, finding creative ways to genuinely motivate and uplift their sales teams, especially in more challenging times. Learn from three such managers, located in Michigan, Oklahoma and North Dakota, who roll up their sleeves and guide their teams to improved sales processes, memorable buying experiences and consistent sales success, all while managing with passion and caring. Hear proven ideas and be able to replicate the training processes shared, so you can take them back to your market and create a fun atmosphere, improved team spirit and measurably increase conversion ratios.

  • Create the ultimate buying experience and consistent sales success by ensuring that your sales office follows your sales process.
  • Develop programs that ensure your training is fun, interesting, effective and yet flexible for different learning styles.
  • Recognize the importance of training consistency as well as creating personalized training plans and building a video library.

Participants must be registered for an Education + Expo Pass package or a 1-Day Education + Expo Pass package valid for the day of the session they wish to attend. Seating for Building Knowledge sessions will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Already registered? If you have already purchased your expo pass you can still purchase IBS Education by logging in to your registration using either your Confirmation ID and Last Name OR an Email Address and Password, then select “Upgrade Registration” on the menu page.

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