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Cori Masters

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Cori Masters

ONeil Interactive Kuna, Idaho

In 2022 Cori won Silver at NHBA Nationals for Online Sales Counselor of the year. She has over 8 years of experience as an Online Sales Specialist with proven success. In the past her expertise has helped contribute to over 60% of overall sales. Cori’s multicultural background has allowed her to navigate the industry, helping and understanding buyers of different backgrounds. After studying photography in Italy and Japan, Cori and her husband moved to the US where she started working as an online sales counselor for Royal Oaks Homes. Currently she works for Beacon Homes in OK while living in Boise ID. She continues to be a part of Online Sales and Marketing team . You might have seen her on the big virtual stage at IBS 2021 - where she participated in the session called Humanizing the Virtual World. She recently partnered with Michael Landers Founder of Culture Crossing, Inc. to offer an Online Sales training program. In 2022, Cori presented 2 sessions at IBS, Preparing for 2022 and beyond, Online Sales Makeover. One of her passions is bringing awareness to passionate women and their lives, as a part of this, she created with Beth Byrd and Julie Boino the podcast called Tough As Nails, a podcast centered on the strengths all women possess and using that power to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. Cori speaks Spanish, Italian and English.

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