FEB 9-11, 2021

Stephanie Smith

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Stephanie Smith

Immersion Active Frederick, Maryland

Stephanie is the Digital Marketing Vice President for Immersion Active, with more than 19 years of digital marketing experience. She graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. Her passion for everything digital, from social marketing and advertising to brand marketing and excellence in online experiences, has spanned her career and inspires her in her digital marketing approach. Throughout her career, Stephanie has focused on digital marketing for the 50+ person, finding unique approaches to sharing information with them that provide the highest value and engagement. She understands key lifestyle motivators and influencers for this market including home buying and moving, active lifestyle living, healthcare, and general wellness. In her recent role at Immersion, she played a critical role in reaching the 50+ marketing in property development, creating targeted approaches to encourage the specific market to engage with various 55+ communities. Prior to her role at Immersion Active, Stephanie was the Director of Advertising/Brand, Social, Web and Sponsorships for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield where she led CareFirst in a digital-first marketing approach,Stephanie also led the integration of Smart technology to use a new way to share information with the community. Stephanie's experience with reaching the 50+ target audience stems beyond knowing how to reach them, but knowing what influences their buying decisions and motivates them to take action. I have spoken at Blue Cross and Blue Shield conferences for the Blue Only Network. Events ranged from 300-700 in size and were on the topic of digital marketing, advertising and the social marketing experience.

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