JAN 31-FEB 2, 2023

Walter Hughes


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Walter Hughes


Humphreys and Partners Architects Dallas TX, Texas

Walter Hughes possess over 30 years of experience in the architectural and planning field, bringing a wide range of experience in design and planning to Humphreys & Partners. Currently, he serves as Chief Innovation Officer where he leads a team of architectural and 3-D experts to identify, evaluate and assess the future potential of new technologies, designs and processes. He consistently demonstrates a unique ability to bridge the understanding between conceptual ideas and real architectural form, producing revolutionary solutions and forward thinking-designs used and lauded by developers worldwide. Additionally, Walter oversees the development, management, and execution of all R&D projects while his extensive expertise has led to various achievements such as creating several patented multifamily solutions, launching and staffing Humphreys’ Uruguay office where he serves as Regional Director, and recognition for a multitude of award-winning developments. Recently, he was selected by Uber Technologies as a finalist two years in a row and hailed by NASA for his renowned Skyport concepts. Walter holds a Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors in Architecture from Universidad de la R.O.U. from his native Uruguay.

Where you can find Walter Hughes during IBS:

Multifamily Product, Unit & Amenity Trends
Thursday, February 10 | 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM EST

Up Close with Walter Hughes: Multifamily Design Trends
Thursday, February 10 | 1:15 - 1:45 PM EST

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