FEB 9-11, 2021

Natasha Fritz

Picture of Natasha Fritz

Natasha Fritz

Trades Women Of IG / Natural Carpentry King, Ontario

Natasha Fritz is the owner/operator of Natural Carpentry, specializing in working with century homes in the greater Toronto area. After graduating from the two-year Heritage Carpentry and Millwork program at Algonquin College, she worked as a carpenter for 8 years before founding Natural Carpentry in 2014. Natasha has worked in many different sectors of the industry, including residential renovation; commercial construction; set carpentry for television, films, concerts and conventions; and historical restorations. She is a contributing member of Trades Women of Instagram, an account whose main goal is to connect, empower and inspire women in male-dominated industries. 

Where you can find Natasha Fritz during IBS: Diversifying the Construction Workforce: Resources That Create Access & Opportunity

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