FEB 9-11, 2021

Stuart Platt

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Stuart Platt

Outhouse, LLC Phoenix, Arizona

Stuart Platt, one of the founders of Outhouse, has over 20 years' experience in residential architecture with an emphasis on digital marketing in the production home building industry. Stuart's company also offers architectural services, 3D modeling, interactive floor plans, virtual reality, graphic design, interactive sales office kiosks and more. In 2018 Stuart successfully transitioned his company of 30+ in-office employees to an Office Optional business model allowing employees to work remotely if and when they desire. He has experience and expertise in navigating the conversion of company operations and culture to a remote arena without sacrificing quality of service and enhancing the work/life balance of his team. Stuart speaks at webinars and trade shows across the country to share his experience in two fields. First, to teach home builders how to cultivate an emotional connection with homebuyers through web-based interactive and virtual sales and marketing tools; and second, to advise home builders how to navigate the transition from an in-office company to a remote employee business model.

Where you can find Stuart Platt during IBS: Pants Optional: Why Working Remotely Can Be Better for Operations & Company Culture

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