FEB 9-11, 2021

Gene Myers

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Gene Myers

Thrive Home Builders Denver, Colorado

Gene is owner and CEO of Thrive Home Builders. By virtue of its unprecedented 10 Grand Awards for Innovation from the United Stated Department of Energy over 7 consecutive years, Thrive is among the nation’s best builders of energy efficient homes. In Thrive’s home market in Colorado, Thrive has led in the design and construction of green, energy efficient, and healthy production homes for over 25 years as well as Denver’s largest private builder of for-sale affordable housing. Thrive is strongly associated with solidly built, energy efficient homes with signature design features like extra thick walls, solar panels, and zero energy. Thrive has an additional emphasis on building ‘healthy homes’, while keeping his company’s energy-efficient, sustainable building practices intact. Thrive is among the nation’s leading healthy home builders as evidenced by numerous EPA Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards and its designation as Leader of the Year in 2019. All Thrive homes meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent Indoor airPLUS standards and the Department Energy’s Zero Energy Home program. Thrive’s approach addresses bacterial and viral pathogens, formaldehyde, radon, CO2, PM 2.5, ozone, asthma and allergy triggers.

Where you can find Gene Myers during IBS: Designing for Health & Wellness: What It Actually Means & How to Get Started

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