International Builders' Show
January 21 - 23, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
JAN 21-23, 2020

Make More Money from the Leads You Already Have

Thursday, February 21 | 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Event Type: Presentation

Location: LVCC - Remodelers Central - North 259

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Madeleine McRae, MM MacRae Coaching & Consulting, Detroit, MI

What It's About:

You know how much you invest in lead generation and marketing, but you may not realize just how much more you could earn from what you’re already doing by adjusting just a few key things. Discover how you can close sales, on the spot, in the home, without feeling or being salesy and a simple mistake that you make when you’re busy and how much it’s costing you, as well as the real value of your leads and what you can do right now to capitalize on it all!

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