International Builders' Show
February 9-11, 2021
Orlando, FL
FEB 9-11, 2021

Rise in Your Power

Tuesday, January 21 | 1:30 - 2:30 PM

Event Type: Networking

Location: LVCC - Professional Women in Building Headquarters - North 231

Registration Type: All IBS registration types

What It's About:

Where will you be in your career next year? In 5 years? Are you on track to get there? To rise? The truth is, many of us are caught up in doing the daily tasks that we never reach our full potential, we never rise to our greatest.

Do you have a clear pathway to promotion? Do you believe you can get there? Many times, what holds us back are our own limitations. As a woman working in a male-dominated field, the struggle to rise in your career can be an even greater challenge. Yet, learning a few simple things will help you succeed at your career goals.

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