JAN 31-FEB 2, 2023

MgO Floor Panels for Multifamily Buildings

Tuesday, February 8 | 12:30 - 1:00 PM EST

PRESENTERS:  Ryan Stephenson

EVENT TYPE: Presentation

LOCATION: OCCC - Multifamily Central - W308-A

What It's About

All multifamily buildings must meet flooring code requirements for fire-resistance between dwelling units as well as requirements for acoustical performance. To accomplish this, take a look at at designing and constructing flooring with magnesium oxide (MgO) panels, beginning with learning about the material and its properties and its code compliance characteristics related to fire resistance. Our presenters will also discuss sound attenuation capabilities and installation, particularly compared to wet-laid gypsum underlayment. Join us to learn about the benefits of using MgO flooring panels for multifamily projects around the country.

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