FEB 25 - 27, 2025 | Las Vegas, NV
FEB 25 - 27, 2025

NAHB Notices

Welcome 2025 Exhibitors!

Please read the following important announcements.


Hotel Solicitations

Unfortunately, there are many travel companies that try to present themselves as being an official part of the IBS. They are NOT. They frequently offer attractive prices for familiar hotels but be aware that these offers are usually untrue. NAHB and our official vendor Maritz Global Events are the only official providers of housing for the IBS. Be aware and avoid dealing with these deceptive companies. For questions about housing, please contact Sean Lenahan at [email protected].

Attendee Lists

IBS Exhibitors are frequently targeted by companies unaffiliated with IBS, offering attendee lists from the “NAHB International Builders Show Conference & Exhibition” and/or other variations on the IBS name or logo. Please be aware that these companies have nothing to do with NAHB or the International Builders’ Show. The attendee mailing list for the show is only available directly from NAHB. If you are interested in purchasing the Mailing or Email List data from IBS, please contact Lynn Margiotta, Michael Sutton, or Robin Habberley at 202-266-8109.

Fair Guide (Unauthorized listing service is NOT affiliated with IBS!)

NAHB has been informed that IBS Exhibitors are often targeted by a Slovakian company (and other foreign country locations) with an apparent offer to update your pre-registered, free listing “in our exhibitors directory.” The offer may look like it comes from the organizers of The International Builders’ Show. It does NOT – IBS and NAHB have absolutely nothing to do with this company or its directory. While the name of the directory “Fair Guide” and the name of the company “Construct Data Publishers” are cleverly located at the bottom of the letter, the name and trademark of the show – “IBS INTERNATIONAL BUILDERS’ SHOW” – are prominently placed at the top of the letter and right above the greeting. Do not be fooled by this unauthorized use of the IBS name and trademark.

The intent of the letter is to get Exhibitors to “confirm the accuracy of your details” on an attached form, and then to sign the form at the bottom, right below the fine print, as though you were attesting to the accuracy of the details. The fine print is actually an irrevocable order to purchase a full-page insertion in the alleged Fair Guide for three (3) years at the price of $1,877 per year. Also in the fine print is an agreement to be bound by Slovakian law, and a statement that the Slovakian company can appoint a third party, like an unscrupulous collection agency, to sue you in your local jurisdiction.

NAHB warns all IBS Exhibitors to read this offer carefully – the apparent offer for a free listing can easily turn into an unintended order to purchase a 3-year paid insertion costing over $5,600!

Occasionally, the Exhibit Services team sends Email Newsletters containing important information, deadline reminders and Show updates to Exhibitors through a third party email service provider.

If your email account is managed in a corporate environment or on an organizational level, please forward the domain names below to your email accounts administrator (usually in your IT department) and ask that these domains and addresses be white-listed in your organization-wide email settings. Additionally, certain individual recipients may have a layer of message filtering set up beyond the ISP level. In order to ensure emails regarding the Show reach your inbox, you should ensure that emails from the following domain names are also white-listed in your email account's settings. This protects important emails from being filtered into your Junk Mail folder.

  • agilitylogistics.com
  • nahb.mmsend.com
  • maritz.com
  • nahb.org
  • freemanco.com
  • ungerboeck.com
  • momentus.com

Please be advised NAHB does not sell Exhibitor Lists or contact information to anyone and only provides this information to the Show's Official Vendors to inform Exhibitors of show-related services. Solicitations from unofficial vendors are often the result of obtaining public information available on the internet. Don't get scammed!

For additional information or questions, contact the NAHB Show Exhibit Services team at (202) 266-8109, or via email.

Note: If you need to update your Booth Contact information (and/or Marketing contact), please contact any member of our Expo Sales Team.

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