Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV
Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2023

Shari Morton


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Shari Morton


Shared Drive Manvel, Texas

In 2016, Shari Morton contributed to nearly 47 percent of her builder's annual sales, totaling over $35 million in revenue. Leveraging technology to her advantage, in 2016 she converted 21 percent of leads to appointment, and of those appointments, nearly 34 percent went to contract. At the time that was 10% over the industry standard! As a result of this work, Shari Morton received the Gold Award for Online Sales Counselor of the Year in 2017. Passionate about achieving the perfect home buying experience, Shari Morton co-founded Shared Drive in 2020. Shared Drive offers turnkey OSC services to small to medium sized home builders across the country. Within just one year, Shared Drive helped builders across multiple states by spearheading cutting-edge solutions to keep up with online buyer's demands. Shared Drive is also redefining the way we think of the Online Sales Position by taking this role to the next level.

Where you can find Shari Morton during IBS:

Revive & Retool Your Customer Experience Journey
Monday, January 30 | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

Seamless Sales Transition: Eliminate the Online & Onsite Sales Team Handoff
Tuesday, January 31 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM PST

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