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Chuck Todd

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Chuck Todd

NBC News

Fifty years from now, one journalist will be the voice and face of our political era — and that journalist is Chuck Todd. A self-described political junkie, he has earned a reputation as one of the most passionate journalists and sharpest analysts in American media. He is NBC News’ chief political analyst and, from 2014-2023, served as the revered moderator of Meet the Press — the flagship Sunday morning public affairs program, the longest-running broadcast in television history, and the number one-rated Sunday public affairs program for several consecutive years. Todd also hosted the daily NBC News Now show, Meet the Press NOW, which builds on the success of its previous iteration, Meet the Press Daily, which Todd anchored for eight seasons. Influencers and competitors praise him as “a tireless reporter” with “an encyclopedic knowledge of politics” and the ability to “break down barriers and get people off of their talking points.” With what Washingtonian calls a “savant-like knowledge of politics,” he has become a fixture in the White House press room, a steady and constant presence on television, and a tireless voice on the campaign trail. His up-to-the-minute poll analysis and insightful commentary have made him one of the most sought-after voices in American political coverage. Previously, Todd served as NBC News chief White House correspondent (2008–2014), as well as the host of NBC News’ The Daily Rundown (2010–2014), featuring interviews with members of Congress and other newsmakers. As the network’s chief political analyst, he plays a key role in shaping the editorial for all aspects of NBC's political coverage. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Chuck Todd has the unique ability to deliver an all-consuming passion for politics with razor-sharp analysis. As the political news of today becomes tomorrow’s American history, he offers a comprehensive picture of the current political landscape and serves as the voice of America in the early 21st century.

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