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February 9-11, 2021
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FEB 9-11, 2021

Brian Flook, MIRM

Power Marketing
Hagerstown, Maryland

Brian Flook, MIRM is the President/CEO of Power Marketing, a 27-year builder marketing company that also owns Easy LeadLocker. Brian consults, speaks and trains builders, developers, real estate professionals and their teams nationally and has been a featured speaker at the International Builder’s Show every year since 1996, as well as many other NAHB events. Brian is a published author and participates with the Building Systems Council, the Institute of Residential Marketing, and the National Sales & Marketing Council. His book, Master What Matters, is in its third printing. Brian is a past Chairman of the Institute of Residential Marketing. With over 30 years of direct, front-line builder/developer marketing experience, Brian offers a wealth of knowledge and insight into the marketing needs of the homebuilding industry and his speciality is the human mind and it's response to marketing. His firm, Power Marketing, has worked with builders and developers in over 40 states and internationally to create marketing solutions for their business. He and his firm specialize in builder marketing automation, Internet marketing, social media, builder budgeting, and using today’s media to grow your business. Brian has a Bachelors degree from Wheeling University and a degree in Business Administration. Brian earned his MIRM (Master In Residential Marketing) from the NAHB in 1992.

Sessions where you can hear Brian Flook during IBS:

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