FEB 9-11, 2021

Dave Cooper

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Dave Cooper

DaveCooper.live East Lyme, Connecticut

Dave Cooper is a volumetric construction expert and video entrepreneur who believes in the art of conversation, connecting people, creating an environment of inclusivity and idea generation in order to innovate and grow the construction industry. With over twenty year’s experience working with individual clients, manufacturers, suppliers and a range of businesses and trade partners in between, he believes in connecting people and delivering results. Dave is a strong advocate for the offsite construction industry and a founding member of Herstories in Housing, a collaboration designed to improve inclusivity within the construction industry. His two YouTube channels are a mix of client testimonials, product spotlights, educational stories, and industry expert interviews, with a focus on current and future trends in new home construction. Dave’s spirit for helping others started early in life as a combat trauma medic in the United States Army. He continues to apply those global learnings, those disciplines, and that spirit to help others recognize their own talents within. Dave has a passion for helping small businesses grow and enjoys sharing his own low-budget marketing and vlogging secrets to success with others.

Where you can find Dave Cooper during IBS: Vlogging: Connect with Clients & Grow Your Business Using Video

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