FEB 9-11, 2021

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor

Home Builders Institute (HBI) Washington, District of Columbia

Kate Taylor is a Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator and Content Developer in the Education Services Department at HBI. Much of her time is spent navigating the digital learning environment, identifying best practices, and offering solutions for content deployment and system maintenance. When she is not testing system performance, through mixed media and various design and development programs, Kate creates content for HBI’s future graduates. Like her peers, she enjoys building. So, behind the scenes, Kate uses her entrepreneurial skills to anticipate departmental growth opportunities. Kate grew up in Mendham, a small-town in northern New Jersey, and hales from generations of service and tradesmen. She thinks of herself as a modern-day tradeswoman, the only difference is her tool of choice is technology. In 2006, Kate moved to North Carolina and in 2017 relocated to Wilmington. The coastal environment aligns well with Kate’s lifestyle, so when she is out of the office, you will find her running, cycling and enjoying time outdoors with Oniichi, her silky terrier.

Where you can find Kate Taylor during IBS: Teaching Future Skilled Labor Through Tech: Learning Management Systems 101

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