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FEB 27 - 29, 2024

Daniel Glauser

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Daniel Glauser

Risinger Build Austin, Texas

Daniel Glauser is the Executive Project Manager at Risinger Build in Austin, TX. He is a skilled and dedicated high-performance builder with over 20 years of experience in the residential construction industry. Daniel's passion for construction began at a young age while watching his father build their family's home. Having gained valuable experience working in a variety of roles from carpenter to project manager early in his career, Daniel started his own building company, which he ran successfully for over ten years. He grew his quality-focused, building science-based company from small kitchen renovations to luxury whole house renovations and new builds. In 2020, he brought his expertise and passion for sustainable building to Risinger Build, whose mission is constructing architecturally-driven, high-performance homes. In addition to his love for building, Daniel cherishes quality time with his family. He finds joy in traveling with his wife and three kids, exploring new places, and creating lasting memories together. When he's not on the job or exploring the world, Daniel is working on his own Passive House retrofit project.

Where you can find Daniel Glauser during IBS:
The Outside-In Remodel: A Builder's Own Passive House Retrofit

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