FEB 9-11, 2021

Finding the Right Mix: Surban™ Designs that Thrive

Wednesday, January 22 | 1:15 - 1:45 PM

EVENT TYPE: Centrals Education

LOCATION: LVCC - Design Central - South 224

REGISTRATION TYPE: All IBS Registration Types

Surban™ (that’s half suburb, half urban) communities offer the best of both worlds: they’re often more attainable for Millennials and boomers alike, are close to larger cities and easily accessible and have a Main Street USA vibe that offers both plenty of dinner options in a small-town scale. But if you try to build an eight-story high-rise or a 10-acre farmhouse in one of these surban™ communities, it will likely feel out of place and be more eyesore than eye candy for potential buyers. During this presentation, you will learn how hybrid designs can meet the needs of boomers and Millennials looking to move to surban™ locations. Answer questions like: what are value-added amenities for these communities, what land opportunities exist in desired locations and what innovations in home design meet the square footage and price point needs for these buyers?

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