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Our Company was established in 1960 as a copper producer. In 1980, we started producing aluminium profiles with an aluminum extruder of a capacity of 1,200 tonnes. lorenzoline

KURTOGLU Aluminum is located in Corlu, approximately 100 km from Istanbul. After recent investments, our plant currently operates in an enclosed area of 36,000 m². Our company became a fully integrated, modern facility.

Our company's key characteristics are:

• Annual capacity of some 34,000 tonnes
• 500 qualified employees
ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification
Qualicoat Seaside certification
Qualanod certification
CE certification

• A molding section (wire erosion, processing center)
• Aluminum extruders: 800 tonnes 1,460 tonnes 1,880 tonnes 1,460/1,880 tonnes, 2,100 tonnes and 2,600 tonnes
• Anodising ( 75,000 amps - 412.500 m² / Month )

• Electrostatic powder paint facility ( 750.000 m² / Month )

• Mechanical processing unit (CNC processing center)

KURTOGLU Aluminum products are exported to : U.S. America (New York,Los Angeles,San Francisco), Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Albania, England, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Georgia, Croatia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Libya, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Qatar, Nigeria, Israel, Ghana, Gabon, France, India, Saudi Arabia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Poland, The Netherlands, Russia, Madagascar, Niger, Tanzania, Mozambique.
KURTOGLU ALUMINUM is committed to serving its customers defect-free products.

To be a company that gives priority to customer satisfaction, places an emphasis on corporate and individual development, considers the importance of protecting the environment and our natural resources, employs expert staff and offers innovative and high-quality products to world market

To develop the company while maintaining the parallel development of technology.


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  • Building Materials

Product Categories
  • Basement Windows & Window Wells
  • Doors (Folding)
  • Doors (Metal, Wood, Vinyl and/or Fiberglass)
  • Doors (Sliding Patio and/or Storm)
  • Railings
  • Skylights and Roof Windows
  • Windows and Window Frames (Wood, Metal, Fiberglass, PVC, and/or Vinyl)

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